– CCI Chrome in Australia !

Customer Stephen M. from Balgowlah Heights, Australia is a member of the Honda Fury Forum. He first had a set of wheels plated in Australia but in his words, “They looked like crap.” He discovered Classic Components from Tony C., a Fury Forum administrator and long-time local customer of CCI. Stephen shipped his new wheels to us from Australia using DHL, we plated and returned them in two weeks. He is extremely happy with our chrome quality and has since sent us two additional chrome parts orders for the same bike. He will be here in the US in March on a motorcycle tour with Tony and says he will stop in to see us.

We are looking forward to saying Cheers Mate! in person. Remember, you are never too far away to get a little chrome love from Classic Components! We also have chrome Fury wheels in stock for exchange.


Chrome Plating Motorcycle Wheels

Have you been thinking about updating your OEM motorcycle wheels to chrome plated wheels, but dreading the long wait time associated with chrome plating motorcycle wheels? The chrome wheel Exchange program offers you a great way to get a pair of beautiful chrome wheels in a fraction of the time. Join the program today and enjoy the transformation that a beautiful chrome plated pair of wheels will bring to your motorcycle.

The Motorcycle Chrome Wheel Exchange offers you three excellent reasons why you should consider switching out your wheels in exchange with the program.


There is no need to wait around for your existing OEM wheels to be chrome plated. You could get your brand new chrome plated wheels sooner rather than later. We ship them right away with a deposit down for the wheels.


You don’t have to spend five times more money to get a new pair of wheels from the Aftermarket. Participating in the Chrome Wheel Exchange offers you more value for your money.


Instead of going with Silver-painted or Aftermarket wheels, which will be out of style in no time, opt for chrome plated OEM wheels. These provide you with a higher resale-value, because OEM wheels have the precise specifications for an exact fitting, which make them very popular.

The Chrome Wheel Exchange offers a hassle free way of chrome plating motorcycle wheels. Participating in this program will afford you an inexpensive way of getting your OEM motorcycle wheels chrome plated. Take advantage of Chrome Wheel Exchange and enjoy a fast turnaround time and an efficient delivery of your beautiful chrome plated wheels.


Chrome plating is a common technique of electroplating chromium onto a metal or plastic object. When applied to plastic surfaces, the chrome is generally intended to be decorative, and is primarily applied for aesthetic purposes.

Before the innovative vacuum metalizing process was developed, objects made of non-conductive materials like plastic and fiberglass couldn’t be electroplated. This process opened a new dimension of style for motorcycle and automobile enthusiasts.

Chrome plating motorcycle parts made of plastic are a bit more complex than chrome plating metal parts, but the end result produces a protective, hard-shell finish, that’s as pleasing to the eye as chromed metal. However, vacuum metalizing doesn’t render the same durability or corrosive resistance that metal chroming does. When finished, plastic chrome plating pieces appear to be identical to metal pieces that have been electroplated with chrome.

If you’ve noticed a motorcycle or automobile that appeared to be “chromed out”, it’s likely that you were looking at several pieces of chromed plastic.

Classic Components, Inc. offers traditional electroplating on plastic and magnesium parts. We can handle almost any part, including automotive center caps, chrome plating motorcycle parts and magnesium engine covers.


It’s always nice to get an email like this first thing on a Monday morning –

“Hello. I want to say thank you for the FLAWLESS work you and your team provided. I love the look of my bike with the new wheels and the ease of the chrome exchange. I have been recommending you to all of my riding buddies and will continue to do so! I really appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail your team provides. Thanks again and buy your boys and girls a round on me!!”


George S.,
Ridge Spring, South Carolina