The chroming process is different for each type of material that is chromed. There is a protective layer applied between the material and the final chrome coating. Copper is used for this protective layer due to it being a non-ferrous metal. In addition to adding a protective layer, the copper also fills any imperfections in the material.

Classic Components, Inc., or otherwise known as South Bay Chrome, has been providing high-quality automotive chrome plating as well as motorcycle chrome plating since 1986. We provide service for wheels, motorcycle frames and swingarms and other small components. In addition to this, they also do chrome plating and electroplating on both magnesium and plastic parts.

Some shops will use nickel instead of copper for the protective layer. This is a cheaper way of chrome plating but also not a high-quality job.

The protective layer of copper is one of the most important steps in the process chrome plating. All the imperfections on the surface of the material being chrome plated must be removed to allow proper bonding of the nickel. The nickel acts as the final coat in which the chrome is applied to.

We use both semi-bright and bright nickel, copper and chrome for our chrome plating process. The same process is applied to both motorcycle chrome plating and automotive chrome plating. A 24-step process is done to assure a quality finish. When the final result is black chrome, the same process is done just adding one more step to the end adding the black finish. Welding, filling and repair and restoration service is also available at an additional fee.

We do not subcontract any of our work out. This provides use the ability to control the quality of the chrome plating. Be careful of other companies misplacing your parts or the work not being the quality promised do to companies using subcontractors.


Chrome Plating Truck Accessories

Chrome plated accessories are now being added to the body of semi trucks as an upgrade for its exterior and overall protection to make the owner’s investment last.

Custom chrome plating is a method in which a fine layer of chromium is electroplated onto an object made of metal. There are two forms of the element chrome which the decorative and the industrial form. A large percentage of chrome truck accessories are the decorative type, and truck owners have a choice of how they want to accessorize the exterior of their vehicle. Any part of the truck can be customized according to preferences.

The process usually includes two fundamental chrome plating solutions. These central solutions aid in the plating process for truck and other vehicle accessories. Custom chrome plating is defined by extensive, detailed work.

Big rig owners often desire an affordable upgrade for the vehicle that would result in a noticeably refined look. A vehicle with added features of chrome truck accessories gives it a smooth and refined finish that satisfies its owner. The exterior defines the truck as a high performance vehicle. The level of durability in the finished product is favorable to all owners and it is custom designed so as to fit in with any vehicle it is applied to.

Chrome truck accessories can endure decades of weathering and other elements and every section is custom engineered so that it can comply with each application to fit perfectly.

At times during installation, adhesive tape is used to fit chrome truck accessories securely to the vehicle for an easier application. Custom drill accessories are available for installation as well, but it is up to the vehicle owner whether they would like it installed or not.

Chrome truck accessories help to decrease the amount of heat the vehicle absorbs in high temperature environments. They also add great quality and protection to the truck’s exterior. The accessories are able to function over a long time span and the cleaning process is easy as well. They are available for installation for tailgate handle, door lever, mirror and fuel door covers. Owners will appreciate all of the benefits that come with chrome plating and the lasting effect it has on the investment they made on their truck.


– The first 30″ Whitewall Wheel

Don’t let your eyes deceive you…that whitewall tire is really a painted chrome wheel!  This 30-inch custom bagger wheel chrome plated by Classic Components is the brain-child of MAD Wheels in Orange, CA.  The thin lip of a custom tire fits into the specially designed rim wall and then the chrome wheel itself has been painted over to resemble an old-school whitewall.  A true original and just in time for the spring show circuit!

If interested in acquiring such a unique wheel, contact Doug at MAD Motorcycles at

(657) 600-1475.



Benefits of Powder Coated Rims

Powder coating is a different method of applying a finish to any piece of metal. The finish can be used as a decorative accent or protect the metal from rust or damage. Powder coating is used both in manufacturing industries and by the end consumer for many household items and car parts, including powder coated rims.

The powder is made of small resin and pigment particles. During application, these small particles require electroplating services that is sprayed on to the metal to coat it. Since the powder carries a charge and the metal is grounded, it adheres to the surface. It is then heated to fuse the finish to the metal, which results in a durable smooth finish. The end result is a high-quality smooth finish that not only looks great, but it also protects the metal. Powder coating is a popular finish option in North America, and more than 10 percent of all finished metal uses this application process.

Powder coating is so popular because it lasts a long time and is economical, which makes it an ideal choice for powder coated rims. This process also gives manufacturers and consumers a wide variety of colors to choose from for the final piece. This coating is also durable because it resists fading, scratching, chipping and other signs of wear. It can be applied in a gloss, satin, flat, high gloss, metallic, clear or glitter finish. Colors last longer and do not fade like other finishes can. It can also be used for different finishes like wrinkled, smooth or rough.

Powder coating is also environmentally friendly. Other finishes use solvents that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Since powder coating doesn’t contain a solvent, it has almost not VOCs. Companies can save money by not using expensive pollution control equipment when they use powder coating.

Since powder coating doesn’t use VOCs and uses less water than other sealers, it helps companies comply with the EPA. Strict regulation from the EPA is part of the reason this type of finish has become popular in the last three decades.

Powder coating is used on door handles, wheels, bumpers, auto accents, filters, engine parts, truck beds and radiators. A clear powder coat can also be used to protect the finish on painted car parts. Powder coated rims hold up to wear better than other finishes.


Any number of circumstances could have your vehicle in need of wheel repair. These range from hitting a pothole while driving to buying a car that was already damaged. No matter what the reason for the need of wheel repair, our alloy wheel repair specialists make it easy to help you get back to driving.

Your vehicle is a major investment. When you trust the repairs to just anyone, you may end up with a less than quality chrome wheel repair. With over 75 years of combined experience, our alloy wheel repair specialists use state-of-the-art tools to complete your wheel repair.

We provide an array of rim and wheel repair services, including refinishing, bent rim repair, straightening, aluminum wheel repair, painting, powder coating, cracked repair, mobile services, bent wheels, reconditioning, scratches, scrapes, scruffs, curb damage, repainting and more. Our rim and restoration services can help you restore your auto or motorcycle to its original condition.

Instead of buying a new set of wheels, you can have wheel repair completed and save money.

Your wheels will look as good as new once our alloy wheel repair specialists complete your chrome wheel repair project.