Chrome wheels will lose some of their splendid appearance with the passage of time. From slight wear to serious deterioration, chrome wheels will sooner or later need a professional touch.

Chrome rim restoration is much more affordable than buying new wheels, which is why many people opt for the procedure.

It’s important to keep in mind that chrome rim repairs are highly specialized. A number of steps have to be followed for the processing of a wheel that is already chrome plated. Thus, finding the right experts for the job will be determining for the outcome. (more…)


The Top 4 Custom Chrome Plating Projects

The decline of chromium plating in the United States has paved the way for the most reputable and the most experienced of shops to shine, and you can be rest assured that chrome plating is still very much alive. If you are not familiar, chrome plating actually enables a piece of metal to be outfitted with a chrome covering to add both durability and a better aesthetic. Once the piece of metal is cleaned, it will be able to accept the chromium and this plating will serve a number of different purposes, from protecting the metal beneath, to simply being a decorative addition. (more…)