History of the Harley Sportbike

The Harley Sportbike is one of the manufacturer’s more popular line of motorcycles. Since 1952, the company has worked to expand this line of vehicles. This started when they were rolling out the line that included the K, KK, KH and the KHK. While some variances in fenders, frames and gas tanks have occurred over the years, the Sportsbike hasn’t ever really experienced a major overhaul. (more…)


Timeless Beauty: The 1955 Chrysler 300

If there’s a Chrysler that stands above all others, that grips emotions like few other cars can, and that has a history as rich as the Hemi V8 that powers it, that Chrysler would have to be the 300.

The original Chrysler 300 was the brainchild of Robert MacGregor Rodger, Chrysler’s Chief Engineer in the 1950s. He envisioned a car that would be worthy of the all-new Hemi V8, modified with redesigned lifters and dual carburetors.

The Hemi had only been introduced in ’51, but the engineers at Chrysler were confident that they could produce 300hp from a standard configuration, and they weren’t wrong. (more…)