Riding motorcycles are not just for the feeling of freedom that the ride provides, but to also stand out from other motorcyclists. No one wants a boring motorcycle! That statement is true whether you are riding a custom build or a cruiser. Honda Fury chrome plating can give your bike an added edge over other motorcycles.

Honda Fury Calls You to the Road

Since first assembled with chromed plated wheels, motorcycle parts, and accessories, the Honda Fury has been the focus of cycle enthusiasts’ attention. For a low record for maintenance, the Honda Fury allows more time to experience the call of the road and less time spent on unexpected upkeep. The V-twin 1312cc engine is the power behind this six-foot motorcycle.

Chrome Plating on the Honda Fury

Designed with sharp, clean lines, the Honda Fury complimented with chrome plating garners attention. As a comfortable ride, one ride is all you need to decide to put this motorcycle on your wish list and in your home driveway. Chrome plated Honda accessories are available to personalize the motorcycle to showcase your particular style.

However, what good is a motorcycle without power? Torque and “get up and go” is what motorcycle lovers want in a smooth riding bike. The V-twin, 1312cc brute engine of the Honda Fury fulfills that need by putting out loads of torque and power resulting in the engine purring when accelerated.

Get Your Chrome Fury Chrome Plated

You can enjoy a fast, smooth, stylish ride when you have your Honda Fury chrome plated. Check out your local Honda dealer to test drive and view this magnificent motorcycle. Then contact us to have it accented with chrome plating.


Harley-Davidson knows how to do style, and the Harley FLHX chrome wheels are no different. The Street Glide is state of the art and when all of the parts and glamour are stripped away, there is still a machine that doesn’t miss a beat.

Redoing the Touring Motorcycle

Recently, Project Rushmore decided to re-think the Touring motorcycle from end to end. There is always a never-ending quest with this company to make things better for the rider. Part of the way to do that helps riders take curves better, stop faster, and pass easier. The overall project decided to add brakes with ABS, LED fog lamps and headlamps, and brighter luggage carrier lighting. There are also brighter brake lights and turn signals as well as a steering head with stiff front forks. The result is a bike that is better than ever.

Keeping the Style of Harley FLHX Chrome Wheels

The name Project Rushmore tells you almost everything you need to know. The makers are setting out to aim high and give riders an experience they’ve never had on a motorcycle before. They want riders to enjoy their vehicles like they are part of the landscape and not just another bike. The way to do that is to go through the look and feel of the bike including grueling road tests and high levels of technology and innovation. The style of the machine never gets left behind either with Harley FLHX chrome wheels at the forefront of the sleek and modern, yet classic look. The bikes come out the other side as timeless pieces.


Top Common Mistakes in Chrome Plating

Top Mistakes People Make in Chrome PlatingThe art of chrome plating is not one to be left to just any amateur. The intricate process consists of electroplating a thin layer of chromium to a clean piece of metal. In its most basic form, chromium is used for two main purposes: industrial (or Hard Chrome) and decorative. Decorative chrome can be customized and tailored to embellish vehicle accessories; this is the most common variation of decorative chrome, which can be found on the majority of truck accessories.

Mistakes People Make with Chrome Plating

Some costly reoccurring mistakes people make include bringing in pitted pieces of die-cast, such as quarter windows or wing window frames, to be plated in chrome. The plating loses definition when a shop has to grind away pitting and also requires the shop to put in several more prep hours to get the job done. In addition, when new chrome is added to die-cast, it is more likely to pit due to the contamination of the older metal. It is also important to consider that outside elements such as moisture and road salt may cause corrosion, and inevitably pitting.

Choosing the Right Chrome Plating Shop

When considering having chrome added to your accessories, it is essential to consider doing in depth research on chrome plating shops instead of solely depending on word of mouth. It is best to consider referrals and online reviews when choosing your shop. Perhaps scoping out examples of a chrome plating shop’s chrome work will allow you to make a better decision of which shop to have your chrome projects done.


Benefits to Chrome Plating Car Part SurfacesWhen resurfacing a product or building something new, there are many different options you can use for the surface of the product. Chromium plating, also known as hard chrome plating, is an excellent surface option. There are a few benefits as to why you may want to consider using custom chrome plating for your product.


Once the chromium plating hardens on the surface the inside of the product will be protected from moisture. Chromium plating, once harden, becomes resistant to water and rust. There are many products that would become damaged and useless if it got even the tiniest bit of water inside of it. By using chrome plating many products would not have to use other ways to protect their insides to keep them in working condition. This helps the product be durable and longer lasting.


When chrome plating is used, the surface of the product will look wonderful. The surface will have a smooth and shiny look to it, no matter what color the product may be. There are many different types of products where a smooth and shiny surface will attract buyers and repeat buyers of it.


If a car part is made smaller than what it should be, like by an eighth of an inch, chrome plating can help fix the problem. When this is done the car part would not have to be remade from scratch. Many chrome plating car parts will last longer than other types since chrome plating resists water and rust longer than other car part types.