The spirit of a Harley Davidson is one of freedom and true ruggedness, sprinkled with a bit of rebelliousness. It is this spirit that attracts many riders to the make. One thing that most Harley Davidson owners notice early on is that the vehicle is an extension of their very essence.

Adding Black Chrome to Motorcycle Wheels

But adding a personal look to your bike is what some have trouble with, yet there are a few things you can start with. For one, you can replace your rims with black chrome wheels. Using black for your rims is a definite way to add a personal touch to your bike that opens up the door for more changes.

Black, after all, is the color that highlights any other color beautifully, just in case you were thinking of adding accents to your bike.

Why Get Black Rims?

Black rims, especially now, are a good idea because they offer more durability than the rims your bike came with. The rim color is achieved through a specialized combination between copper, nickel, and dyes.

The difference is the electrical connection made between nickel or copper that occurs on a molecular level, meaning that the black becomes one with the rims. Other rims keep the color and the rims separate from each other. This difference makes black rims scratch-resistant, and they will not discolor.

Hopefully you can see that choosing black rims is a smart choice and should make it easier to detail your bike. This should keep your Harley looking good for many years to come.


Enhance the way any vehicle looks with chrome plating rims. Chrome gives vehicles an upscale look that is not easily attainable from other forms of vehicle customization. Using chrome to adorn and improve a vehicle, will not only give the ride a highly sought after look, but chrome will offer a layer of protection as well.

Chrome Plating Application Process

The application process of chrome plating requires a skilled individual to perform it. First, an overlay of chromium is put on the base metal of your choosing. These metals include but are not limited to, lead, nickel, zinc and copper. The end result of this process is the shiny, attractive protective finish that will keep the base metal it coats from crumbling and rusting.
When applying chrome to vehicles and other items, most professionals will use bright chrome. It is applied in a thin layer and usually used as a decoration. In order to successfully apply the chrome to plastic, aluminum compounds must first be used as a bottom layer. To apply to metals like copper and steel, nickel would be the choice metal for a bottom layer.

Black Chrome Application

Black chrome has its own set of rules for application. This dark finish is preceded with nickel first and chromium second. Oil or wax can be applied to give this finish more appeal. This finish does not hold up for as long as its shiner, brighter counterpart and can be a softer. Uses for black chrome vary from optics to cars.


image_3The spirit of adventure is open for anything with these fun, three-wheel motorcycles. The standard look and comfort of the Spyder series of motorcycles are muscular and well equipped for on and off road performance. Besides the sporty look of the Spyder, you can have parts and wheels chrome plated for a unique effect.

The Spyder series includes:


  • Spyder
  • Spyder RT
  • Spyder RTS
  • Spyder ST
  • Spyder RSS

The standard Spyder F3 series’ custom work includes premium fenders. The limited and F3-T series comes with an additional cargo capacity option that is added beneath the rear seat. In the RT series, the rear seat provides maximum comfort for rides to passengers.

Spyder Motorcycle Chrome Wheel Exchange

To have your Spyder chrome plated, we have a few different options. You can ship the parts to us using our chrome exchange program. We keep parts in-stock for a number of popular motorcycle brands. You can also send us your parts and wheels to chrome.

In the chrome wheel exchange, we send you the already in-stock parts and wheels. You can pay a core deposit or send us your wheels first.

You can also send us your wheels with the request to exchange them and then we ship your chrome plated wheels the next business day.


image_1Entering your Suzuki Hayabusa into a competition soon?

Want to know what may be the deciding factor between winning and losing?

It could just be whether or not your wheels are chrome plated.


Chrome Parts Sets Your Hayabusa Apart from the Others

The standard look of a Suzuki Hayabusa is sleek. With chrome plated parts and wheels, this motorcycle’s appearance and style is propelled to a higher level.

The entire look of the motorcycle is enhanced. Chrome stands out as it catches glints of light on accent pieces and wheels.

Customizing a bike’s parts and wheels includes chroming key features, such as trimming, deflectors, caps, covers, and more.

Chrome Plating on Wheels Could Be the Deciding Factor

image_2Your wheels made the difference in me taking 1st and 3rd place, that I am sure of. Thanks Mike for the great looking wheels!

Getting chrome plating added to your wheels to give your Hayabusa the look that can win a competition.

It’s easy to get chrome plated wheels with us. We have a chrome wheel exchange program. You have two options in the program to get chrome plated wheels.

You can pay a deposit and request to have the wheels sent to your location. We ship them the next business day. We have more than 300 brands in stock. Then you send us your stock wheels.

You could also choose to send us your wheels first and not pay a deposit. Then we ship the chrome wheels to you.