The Powder Coating Urban Legend


There is an existing urban legend that powder coating motorcycle rims, or candy chrome rims, can do damage to the wheels. One main reason this is an urban legend is that this is in direct opposition to the truth. Powder coating actually is the best way to get the job done, and should be a preferred method to painting or other techniques to apply different colors to wheels.

A Safe Process

The temperatures used in powder coating rarely are in excess of 425 degrees. This is important because the material in question is aluminum or steel. Metal alloys are put through 1800+ degrees in production, which is considerably warmer than 425 degrees, the temperature most people think warp rims.

Along with the heat of powder coating being a non-factor, there is also the aluminum treatment process, which adds a safeguard as well as protection. The chemical bath and coating treatment will illuminate any cracks before getting to the coating step.

Powder Coating is Environmentally Friendlyimg_4

Because of the application process, there is no waste involved with powder coating. The aforementioned “liquid” coatings are a considerably less eco-friendly method. The ease of that application process is also another advantage of powder coating. Being a more forgiving application process, a minor application mistake can be simply rectified.





Powder Coating is Durable


Durability is yet another benefit and factor to consider when applying color, across the industry powder coating is simply considered a more durable finish. If this wasn’t enough to tip the scales, powder coating is also cost effective. The previously mentioned benefit of having no waste equates to savings, just as an example.

A smarter, better and cost effective way to get the look you want is powder coating, unless you believe in urban legends.



Have you riding your motorcycle this summer? If you haven’t gotten your bike out yet, here’s a few tips to gear up for your rides. But, get out there soon because the season is ending fast.

  1. The first thing you will want to do is make sure your insurance policy is still in tact. This probably seems like common sense to some of you. You’d be surprised how many bike riders fail to verify the facts before they go out for a ride.

    Verify the periods you can ride with your insurance company.Some companies have months where certain things are restricted. It’s best to be sure you are not going out during these times. What if something happens? You better be sure your parts are going to be covered. Some policies cover chrome plating, a new paint job or new rims if anything were to happen. If you are not covered, you will have to find some way of paying for the parts.

  2. Get your bike ready with chrome plating. If you plan to attend events like Sturgis or competitions this year, have show-quality chrome plating on your bike to show off your style. The Chrome plating process is when a thin-layer of chrome is applied to some of the plastic parts on your bike.

    Some go to a chrome plating service company for the job. Others do it themselves. If you’ve ever noticed a mirror-like image on a bike, this is a bike that has been chrome plated. It adds style and personality to your bike, not to mention protection. Look into it, if you haven’t already.

  3. Plan to attend some bike riding events. We sometimes refer to them as “Bikefest week”. They take place all over the country. Places like Las Vegas, Daytona Beach, Florida and Milwaukee are all famous for them.


All sorts of people come from all over to experience something like this. Seasoned bike riders attend these events. Those who just get into the sport of it, they get into it too. It’s a good way to take in the experience, without having to actually participate. Bikefest events like these also give riders tips on how to improve their skills and riding.