Chrome rims have been one of the more sought after car accessories for years now. What makes these car accessories so popular is how they add to the attractiveness and allure of any kind of vehicle. Nothing beats a fresh pair of chrome rims in good shape on a nice ride.

Do You Restore Chrome Rims or Replace?

However, if the chrome rims are severely damaged, they can really make a nice vehicle look bad, or are not even usable. When this happens, some individuals go purchase another set because of how difficult it can be to restore or how expensive and time consuming the whole process can be. The reason why chrome rims are so much tougher to restore than standard rims is because they are plated instead of painted.

Chrome rims are installed on top of the aluminum alloy wheel, most often with a zinc and copper plate in between the two dissimilar metals. Why a zinc and copper plate? Because dissimilar metals corrode when they are in contact with each other, and the zinc and copper plate placed in the middle enables the chrome to adhere to the aluminum instead of corrode.

Chrome Rim Restoration is an Option

If corrosion does occur, chrome rim restoration is a plausible option. There is a 7-step process Classic Chrome Plating takes to ensure a restoration is top-notch. The process includes re-chroming the wheels or parts once it has been repaired.
Hopefully the deterioration isn’t so damaging, and you can send it to our rim repair shop to be welded, repaired, and straightened out by before being electroplated with chrome. We can review the damage to tell you if there’s possible hope for restoration since we specialize in rim repair and re-chroming.


Where to Get Chrome Rims Dipped?

Chrome rims revolutionize your vehicle or motorcycle into the sporty look you want. Not only do they add to the general durability of your vehicle tires, but also create a classy and attractive look.

What is Chrome Plating?

Chrome is plating made from light skin chromium and fitted on metals to produce a strikingly attractive mirror-like appearance. Chrome can be added to rims of different diameters, ranging from 13 inches to as big as 26 inches. When it comes to color, these rims produce a silver, shiny finish that you can see yourself in. There’s also black chrome and the ability to add any color to rims through candy chrome. The good thing about Chrome rims is the fact that you can customize them to suit your taste.

Care and Maintenance of Chrome Rims

Chrome rims require exceptional care and maintenance. If your rims are plated with dirt, wash them using a sponge lathed with a non-antiseptic soap. Always avoid antiseptic soaps, as the chemicals present in them can damage the attractive luster of chrome. Also, avoid pressurized car washing on your rims. The excessive pressure used by these washing machines can cause irreversible damage to your chrome layer.

Where to Get Your Rims Chrome Plated

At our chrome plating company, we utilize copper, bright, and semi-bright nickel as well as chromium in a 24-step chrome plating procedure. Our team of highly qualified engineers ensure that you get the best chrome application to your rims performs the entire process. Additionally, we specialize in filling and repair, welding as well as restoration services at an extra cost.

All of our jobs are completed in-house. We highly advise our potential clients to be always wary of certain companies, which portray themselves as plating shops but end up sending their projects to 3rd party companies.