How to Add Chrome to Your Harley Wheels

Harley Bagger Custom Chrome Wheels

The price to chrome your Harley depends on the style and size of your bike. How much are you willing to spend? Ensure to put aside enough for what you need to spend.

What Type of Chrome Should You Purchase?

Choosing a perfect chrome package is easy. We have a 24-step process of chrome plating. We also have black chrome and powder coating, known as candy chrome. If you want the mirror-like shine on your wheels, that is the traditional chrome plating process. Black chrome adds a true black color to your wheels. Powder coating can coat your wheels in nearly any color you want.

Motorcycle Wheels – Types and Sizes

Chrome Harley Wheels in Exchange

Popular types of chrome motorcycle rim: laced and spokes, billet aluminum, cruiser motorcycle wheels, chrome Harley wheels, and street motorcycle wheels. Also, the wheel size varies from 16″ to 30″. We also have over 300 brand name wheels in stock already chromed. We offer them in exchange for your non-chromed rims.

Custom Harley Bagger Chrome Plating WheelsShipping Cost

Frankly, shipping costs are usually determined by the weight of the shipmentand how fast you expect your order to be shipped. Normally, we use UPS and have a tracker on the website.

Other Parts and Accessories

We chrome plate just about anything! We can take a look at your motorcycle’s part and see if it is able to take chrome. We also chrome plastic.

Dream about your favorite chromed out design while your money continues to build in your assigned saving account. Expect to spend around the $500 – $15,000 range to chrome the handlebars, custom wheels, exhaust pipes, and other miscellaneous parts. See an accurate list of pricing for chrome Harley wheels.



What Is Powder Coating and How Is It Done?

Powder Coating on Vehicle

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a substance, which is electrostatically applied, baked on polymer resin finish that is known to be more durable than paint. What makes this substance unique is that it is resistant to weather, scratches and ultraviolet exposure. As a result, it will not peel, flake or fade and will maintain a like-new condition for many years.

By using our multistep process, which includes a phosphorus pretreatment process, filtered spray booths and a variable temperature industrial oven, consumers will be able to get a finish that is at a professional quality at all times. As well as having resistance to light and weather, powder coating is a very environmentally friendly finish as well.

How Powder Coating Differs from Paint

Powder Coating Motorcycle Rims

When comparing powder coating to paint, you must know that this substance is not paint. The substance known as paint has a colored pigment that is suspended in a solution that is wet and then dries up. Once it dries, the molecules of the substances pigment bond with each other to create a skin of paint that is visible on surfaces.

Powder coating is a substance that is made out of pure powder. Instead of being a wet liquid, it is a substance that can be used as a dry finish. With this substance, the particles that become the finish are very small that are made out of polymer resin. The substance has the same texture as flour.

Since powder coating is a dry substance, it is not able to be painted on surfaces like traditional paint. Instead, powder coating is placed on surfaces with a technique known as electrostatic spray deposition.

The particles of powder coating are very dry just like dust, therefore people who use this substance can easily apply it on surfaces without making a mess and waiting for it to dry over time. When using powder coating, people can use one color to spray over a surface over and over again while recycling it.

What this means is that powder coating can be used multiple times until it is uses up 100% of its capacity in a container.

What Makes Powder Coating a Better Option

For a typical motorcycle enthusiast, there are a number of benefits with powder coating. One of the top benefits of powder coating is that it is more durable than wet paint. It is able to withstand the impact of chips, scratches and ultraviolet light exposure.

In fact, this substance will have the color enhanced with sunlight. Using powder coating is ideal for construction because it maintains its color during all seasons and in varying weather conditions. When looking to apply coloring to vehicles such as motorcycles, powder coating is the ideal option to use.

By powder coating motorcycle rims, those who own a vehicle or motorcycle can quickly and easily enhance the appearance of the wheels. To learn more about powder coating and have any of your questions answered, contact us for a free consultation today.


Re-Chrome – Re-Plate Your Wheels

This happy customer Steve K. from the Denver, co area was very satisfied and sent us this photo of his finished project.  We took his original OEM wheels that were scratched and dull and stripped them and replated with our show chrome process.

Mica Jaguar XJ8L Chrome Plating Wheels

“Greatly appreciate your attention to detail on our Jaguar wheels, they are spectacular.” – Steve K.


One of our customers, Mark from Break Lites Motorsports, wrote to us and said his bike build is competing on a WORLD WIDE scale in the Victory Competition. We chrome plated the wheels.

Custom Build With Chrome Plating Wheels

Mark wrote to us and said:

“Recently I was given an opportunity to build a bike to compete on a WORLD WIDE scale. The judging is vote based, so I figured I would ask my family for a little help and show them what I do.

Bar Fighter Motorcycle Build w/ Chrome Plating

If you could take a moment out of your already busy lives to toss a vote on my build “BAR FIGHTER” in this competition I would be greatly appreciative.

Victory Competition Motorcycle Chrome Plating

Bar-Fighter is a blend of sportbike and V-Twin, we started with the base model 2017 Victory Octane that already has a 105hp 1200cc liquid cooled V-Twin motor and went to work on it.

We started by improving the suspension from the standard front forks to radial mount inverted forks, sourced from a 2015 Suzuki Hayabusa, and made custom triple trees.

OEM Wheels Chrome Plated for Custom Victory

The wheels were swapped from the OEM wheels to chrome plated 5-spoke wheels sourced from a Yamaha R1.

We also changed from a belt drive to a chain drive. We converted the rear fender to a tail cowl, which we sourced from a 2008 Honda CBR 600RR.

We basically turned this bike into a custom V-Twin sport cruiser. This bike was made to go faster, stop quicker and turn better than the stock Victory Octane.

Custom Build Break Lites Motorsports Chrome Plating

As far as the finish of the bike goes, we built our bike to give a feeling of American muscle, choosing the same colors to pay homage to the Dodge Viper GTS.

To look at all motorcycles in the competition, visit this page: