Black Chrome Plating Bumper Automotive Parts

Classic Chrome Plating announces the expansion to their black chrome plating services to apply black chrome to parts up to 6’ in length. The new expansion in service applies black chrome to the longer parts and can reach areas that are hard to chrome plate.

True Black Chrome is Black

Black Chrome Plating Rims

Black chrome has been around for quite some time, and still most people are unaware that it isn’t really chrome at all. What most people are getting is nickel plating that’s been oxidized to give the appearance of black chrome. Many people driving around with black chrome wheels are really sporting a dark nickel plate with a brown or yellow hue. It does only until improper maintenance exposes the nickel through further oxidation does the discoloration reveal the truth.

Black Chrome – An Alternative to Standard Chrome

Black Chrome Plating Wheels

Despite the cost in repairing inferior plating, motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts continue to get duped by imitations claiming to be black chrome. This plating offers up an alternative to traditional chrome. It can accentuate small details on a vehicle, placing its qualities on display without falling victim to weather concerns like inferior plating does. But to make sure they’re getting the full benefit, customers need to be assured that they’re not being deceived when customizing their vehicles. For those who want true black chrome plating, Classic Chrome Plating is now offering the real thing.Black Chrome Plating Services

Advantages of CCI Black Chrome:

Unlike oxidized nickel finishes, black chrome doesn’t require clear coats that will eventually discolor or succumb to scratches. This makes areas that are hard to reach and parts not typically plated to have a lasting appearance uncommonly applied. And for those already plated by nickel or other finishes, black chrome can be applied after partial stripping without


or the need for replacement, provided that the parts in question are in good operating condition.

Black Chrome Plating Services

Classic Chrome Plating now has black chrome plating for parts, swing arms, frames, and wheels. Prices for our services are available on our website, though all parts other than wheels carry an additional 40% charge over traditional chrome plating.

To get started plating your automobile or motorcycle in black chrome, contact us at (888) 327-4189 or fill out our contact form.



New Chrome Wheels Made For A Very Happy Client

A customer wrote about their experience with us in the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club newsletter. Here’s what they have to say:

Getting Chrome Wheels

Rechroming Wheels with Curb Rash
Deanie and I wanted to rechrome the wheels on Deanie’s 2007 XJ8L sedan. In every concours we entered in Deanie’s XJ8L, we were docked for the curb rash on all five wheels. Although we couldn’t figure how the previous owner curbed all the wheels, even the spare, we decided to have the wheels fixed and rechromed.




I called Frank Oakley right here in Denver only to find out he does not offer a chroming service. I tried Colorado Springs since they were recommended and found out there was a wait of a couple months. Finally, I found Classic Chrome Plating online and they could take care of all five of the wheels for $800 plus shipping. About half of what the other places wanted. I figured that was a great deal.

Shipping And Chrome Plating Wheels

Chrome Plating Wheels After Wheel Repair & Rechrome

First I had to ship them the wheels. I tried a lot of different kinds of shipping options, but insurance was $150 per wheel so I decided to make the fifteen-hour drive to Los Angeles and save us the cost. It only took ten days to get the wheels back and they were beautiful.

They gave us a great rate and shipped them back for $150 for all five of the chrome plating wheels. Since they have a tank for chroming and EPA regulations are rough, I really recommend them. The can do bumpers and all kinds of chrome parts too. Deanie was sure happy with the way the car looked with those wheels.