The Process And Advantages of Powder Coating

Powder coating began in North America 30 years ago. Since then it has become the quickest growing technology used for finishing in the United States. The application is done electrostatically with a charge to the particles of powder. They are then directly applied to the surface of the metal. Once the powder has adhered it is put into a curing oven. The powder melts, cures and bonds to the surface and becomes a coating that is high in quality, durable and has a uniform finish. The finish is a lot tougher than regular paint and is safer for the environment. Powder coating motorcycle wheels is accomplished the same way.

Advantages of Powder Coating

The coatings have numerous color and finishing options. The selection of textures will hide imperfections in the surface as well as extending the life of the product. The coating is also resistant to rust, corrosion, scratches and temperatures. Since disposal, shipping and replacement are not required powder coating will save you money. These benefits are extremely important when powder coating motorcycle parts. Cleaning the coating as well as maintenance is easy and simple.

The Cleaning Process

Regular cleaning is required to keep the shiny appearance of the coating. Corn starch is the best substance to use when cleaning off oily fingerprints. A wipe down once a week with soap and water is highly recommended. After the coating is clean the use of carnauba wax will keep the finish looking fresh. Do not use gritty polishes and cleaners made for wheels since they may cause the finish to dull.

Powder coating should not come in contact with acetone-based solvents, brake fluid, battery acids, carburetor cleaners or contact cleaners as they can dissolve some of the coating. Arranging to have a consultation about powder coating to answer any questions you may have is recommended.


Chrome plating wheels can enhance the value and looks of your vehicle. The difference between a run of the mill chrome plating service and top of the line service is the ability to chrome a variety of wheel styles. We chrome most after market and original equipment wheels. We may be able to help you with special styles such as two-piece wheels-give us a call. Re-chroming wheels is an option.

What Are OEM Wheels?

O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers) wheels are quality products that companies such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz stake their reputation on. Millions of dollars in research and development ensures quality that meets government standards. High customer expectations and the reputation of the brand depend on the safety and dependability of the product. You can depend on factory (OEM) wheels to perform on your car day in and day out.

What Are Chrome OEM Wheels?

Chrome OEM wheels are generally steel wheels that have been plated. Often there are several different metals plated in succession with the final layer being chrome. This gives the OEM chrome wheel a bright mirror like finish. If the wheel is damaged then the repair process will include re-chroming. This can lead to a heavier wheel and may affect performance.

Use Caution with After Market Wheels

Many after market manufacturers produce replacements that may look attractive. Use caution since many are made of inferior materials. Although they claim to use the same materials many use weaker thinner aluminum and cannot support the weight of the automobile. We have seen many of these products bend and crack. Use extreme caution if you choose after market products.

OEM Polished Wheels

Another attractive option is OEM polished wheels. These wheels are carefully sanded and polished aluminum. This shiny colorful finish is quite attractive but is less durable due to the lack of a protective coating. We can repair this by sanding and polishing. The cost is less than chrome plating wheels and maintains weight and performance.

Regular maintenance is required for all types of wheels to keep appearance and prevent corrosion. The polished wheels will require more attention since they do not have a protective coating.

Classic Chrome Plating has over 75 years of combined experience. As a nationwide leader our projects been featured in television and magazines. Our 24-step process ensures you receive top notch quality show finish on motorcycles, automotive and classic car chrome plating. Our superior customer service makes it easy. Contact us today.