One of our customers, Mark from Break Lites Motorsports, wrote to us and said his bike build is competing on a WORLD WIDE scale in the Victory Competition. We chrome plated the wheels.

Custom Build With Chrome Plating Wheels

Mark wrote to us and said:

“Recently I was given an opportunity to build a bike to compete on a WORLD WIDE scale. The judging is vote based, so I figured I would ask my family for a little help and show them what I do.

Bar Fighter Motorcycle Build w/ Chrome Plating

If you could take a moment out of your already busy lives to toss a vote on my build “BAR FIGHTER” in this competition I would be greatly appreciative.

Victory Competition Motorcycle Chrome Plating

Bar-Fighter is a blend of sportbike and V-Twin, we started with the base model 2017 Victory Octane that already has a 105hp 1200cc liquid cooled V-Twin motor and went to work on it.

We started by improving the suspension from the standard front forks to radial mount inverted forks, sourced from a 2015 Suzuki Hayabusa, and made custom triple trees.

OEM Wheels Chrome Plated for Custom Victory

The wheels were swapped from the OEM wheels to chrome plated 5-spoke wheels sourced from a Yamaha R1.

We also changed from a belt drive to a chain drive. We converted the rear fender to a tail cowl, which we sourced from a 2008 Honda CBR 600RR.

We basically turned this bike into a custom V-Twin sport cruiser. This bike was made to go faster, stop quicker and turn better than the stock Victory Octane.

Custom Build Break Lites Motorsports Chrome Plating

As far as the finish of the bike goes, we built our bike to give a feeling of American muscle, choosing the same colors to pay homage to the Dodge Viper GTS.

To look at all motorcycles in the competition, visit this page:



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