– Custom Paint on Chrome Wheels

There are times when powdercoat just won’t do the job.  There’s more than a 50% chance of the chrome finish bubbling when applying a powdercoat over an existing plated wheel due to the heat involved in the baking process.  In addition, masking can often be more difficult due to the thickness of powdercoat, resulting in awkward cuts and lines in the paint.

These customers wanted specific colors and masked surfaces for their projects so we recommended Liquid Paint applications instead of traditional powdercoat.  Check out the detailed paint/chrome combination with special masking that went into this Yamaha wheel and the specific “fire engine red” color requested for these CBR-1000 wheels.  The finished product is truly custom and achieves exactly what was desired by the customer.  Call us for details!

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  1. Steve Daigle says:

    I really like the Rims on the Stryker photo, just as they are shown . My Wife owns a stryker, with the black rims. I was woundering what a set like that would cost. I understand that i would have to send in the rims. and should i take out the baring before i send them in. i know i will have to put in new ones. and could i get a set price that includes the pully being cromed.

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