– Plastic and Fiberglass Chrome Plating

Yes, Classic Components can chrome plate on non-metallic surfaces such as fiberglass and plastic!  Case in point is this crazy custom vehicle from N2A Motors.  This is a late model Corvette fitted with 1956, 1957 and 1958 Chevy body parts.  All off the chrome you see, however, is custom molded fiberglass that was chrome plated by CCI.  Parts that are rigid and can be racked and/or wired are good candidates for electroplating.  These bumpers and trim pieces look like steel – you can’t tell they are fiberglass after we got a hold of them!  Visit for more info or let us know if you have a special project we can help you with!

6 Responses to – Plastic and Fiberglass Chrome Plating

  1. donald engler says:

    how much would it cost to get the 2 bumperetes dune on my 1973 Camaro? they are new fiberglass,and also the center ,round loop bumper,about 30 in. by 15 in. fiberglass also ?

  2. Brian Smith says:

    This isn’t actual plating on Fiberglass…..right? Is this finishing system that gets an automotive poly clearcoat as the final finish? If so, how long will it hold up under ideal conditions?

  3. Mark Clementino says:

    I have fiberglass sidepipecovers on my 1969 corvette. Can they be chrome plated?

  4. Damon Evison says:

    Hi. I have 2x headlight vowels (off a Noble M12 GTO 3R). They are about 14″ x 7″ x 4″ depth. How much would it cost to chrome and return ship to the UK?

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