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Powder coating began in North America 30 years ago. Since then it has become the quickest growing technology used for finishing in the United States. The application is done electrostatically with a charge to the particles of powder. They are then directly applied to the surface of the metal. Once the powder has adhered it is put into a curing oven. The powder melts, cures and bonds to the surface and becomes a coating that is high in quality, durable and has a uniform finish. The finish is a lot tougher than regular paint and is safer for the environment. Powder coating motorcycle wheels is accomplished the same way.

Advantages of Powder Coating

The coatings have numerous color and finishing options. The selection of textures will hide imperfections in the surface as well as extending the life of the product. The coating is also resistant to rust, corrosion, scratches and temperatures. Since disposal, shipping and replacement are not required powder coating will save you money. These benefits are extremely important when powder coating motorcycle parts. Cleaning the coating as well as maintenance is easy and simple.

The Cleaning Process

Regular cleaning is required to keep the shiny appearance of the coating. Corn starch is the best substance to use when cleaning off oily fingerprints. A wipe down once a week with soap and water is highly recommended. After the coating is clean the use of carnauba wax will keep the finish looking fresh. Do not use gritty polishes and cleaners made for wheels since they may cause the finish to dull.

Powder coating should not come in contact with acetone-based solvents, brake fluid, battery acids, carburetor cleaners or contact cleaners as they can dissolve some of the coating. Arranging to have a consultation about powder coating to answer any questions you may have is recommended.

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Chrome plating wheels can enhance the value and looks of your vehicle. The difference between a run of the mill chrome plating service and top of the line service is the ability to chrome a variety of wheel styles. We chrome most after market and original equipment wheels. We may be able to help you with special styles such as two-piece wheels-give us a call. Re-chroming wheels is an option.

What Are OEM Wheels?

O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturers) wheels are quality products that companies such as BMW, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz stake their reputation on. Millions of dollars in research and development ensures quality that meets government standards. High customer expectations and the reputation of the brand depend on the safety and dependability of the product. You can depend on factory (OEM) wheels to perform on your car day in and day out.

What Are Chrome OEM Wheels?

Chrome OEM wheels are generally steel wheels that have been plated. Often there are several different metals plated in succession with the final layer being chrome. This gives the OEM chrome wheel a bright mirror like finish. If the wheel is damaged then the repair process will include re-chroming. This can lead to a heavier wheel and may affect performance.

Use Caution with After Market Wheels

Many after market manufacturers produce replacements that may look attractive. Use caution since many are made of inferior materials. Although they claim to use the same materials many use weaker thinner aluminum and cannot support the weight of the automobile. We have seen many of these products bend and crack. Use extreme caution if you choose after market products.

OEM Polished Wheels

Another attractive option is OEM polished wheels. These wheels are carefully sanded and polished aluminum. This shiny colorful finish is quite attractive but is less durable due to the lack of a protective coating. We can repair this by sanding and polishing. The cost is less than chrome plating wheels and maintains weight and performance.

Regular maintenance is required for all types of wheels to keep appearance and prevent corrosion. The polished wheels will require more attention since they do not have a protective coating.

Classic Chrome Plating has over 75 years of combined experience. As a nationwide leader our projects been featured in television and magazines. Our 24-step process ensures you receive top notch quality show finish on motorcycles, automotive and classic car chrome plating. Our superior customer service makes it easy. Contact us today.

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Black Chrome Plating Bumper Automotive Parts

Classic Chrome Plating announces the expansion to their black chrome plating services to apply black chrome to parts up to 6’ in length. The new expansion in service applies black chrome to the longer parts and can reach areas that are hard to chrome plate.

True Black Chrome is Black

Black Chrome Plating Rims

Black chrome has been around for quite some time, and still most people are unaware that it isn’t really chrome at all. What most people are getting is nickel plating that’s been oxidized to give the appearance of black chrome. Many people driving around with black chrome wheels are really sporting a dark nickel plate with a brown or yellow hue. It does only until improper maintenance exposes the nickel through further oxidation does the discoloration reveal the truth.

Black Chrome – An Alternative to Standard Chrome

Black Chrome Plating Wheels

Despite the cost in repairing inferior plating, motorcycle and automotive enthusiasts continue to get duped by imitations claiming to be black chrome. This plating offers up an alternative to traditional chrome. It can accentuate small details on a vehicle, placing its qualities on display without falling victim to weather concerns like inferior plating does. But to make sure they’re getting the full benefit, customers need to be assured that they’re not being deceived when customizing their vehicles. For those who want true black chrome plating, Classic Chrome Plating is now offering the real thing.Black Chrome Plating Services

Advantages of CCI Black Chrome:

Unlike oxidized nickel finishes, black chrome doesn’t require clear coats that will eventually discolor or succumb to scratches. This makes areas that are hard to reach and parts not typically plated to have a lasting appearance uncommonly applied. And for those already plated by nickel or other finishes, black chrome can be applied after partial stripping without


or the need for replacement, provided that the parts in question are in good operating condition.

Black Chrome Plating Services

Classic Chrome Plating now has black chrome plating for parts, swing arms, frames, and wheels. Prices for our services are available on our website, though all parts other than wheels carry an additional 40% charge over traditional chrome plating.

To get started plating your automobile or motorcycle in black chrome, contact us at (888) 327-4189 or fill out our contact form.


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A customer wrote about their experience with us in the Rocky Mountain Jaguar Club newsletter. Here’s what they have to say:

Getting Chrome Wheels

Rechroming Wheels with Curb Rash
Deanie and I wanted to rechrome the wheels on Deanie’s 2007 XJ8L sedan. In every concours we entered in Deanie’s XJ8L, we were docked for the curb rash on all five wheels. Although we couldn’t figure how the previous owner curbed all the wheels, even the spare, we decided to have the wheels fixed and rechromed.




I called Frank Oakley right here in Denver only to find out he does not offer a chroming service. I tried Colorado Springs since they were recommended and found out there was a wait of a couple months. Finally, I found Classic Chrome Plating online and they could take care of all five of the wheels for $800 plus shipping. About half of what the other places wanted. I figured that was a great deal.

Shipping And Chrome Plating Wheels

Chrome Plating Wheels After Wheel Repair & Rechrome

First I had to ship them the wheels. I tried a lot of different kinds of shipping options, but insurance was $150 per wheel so I decided to make the fifteen-hour drive to Los Angeles and save us the cost. It only took ten days to get the wheels back and they were beautiful.

They gave us a great rate and shipped them back for $150 for all five of the chrome plating wheels. Since they have a tank for chroming and EPA regulations are rough, I really recommend them. The can do bumpers and all kinds of chrome parts too. Deanie was sure happy with the way the car looked with those wheels.

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How to Add Chrome to Your Harley Wheels

Harley Bagger Custom Chrome Wheels

The price to chrome your Harley depends on the style and size of your bike. How much are you willing to spend? Ensure to put aside enough for what you need to spend.

What Type of Chrome Should You Purchase?

Choosing a perfect chrome package is easy. We have a 24-step process of chrome plating. We also have black chrome and powder coating, known as candy chrome. If you want the mirror-like shine on your wheels, that is the traditional chrome plating process. Black chrome adds a true black color to your wheels. Powder coating can coat your wheels in nearly any color you want.

Motorcycle Wheels – Types and Sizes

Chrome Harley Wheels in Exchange

Popular types of chrome motorcycle rim: laced and spokes, billet aluminum, cruiser motorcycle wheels, chrome Harley wheels, and street motorcycle wheels. Also, the wheel size varies from 16″ to 30″. We also have over 300 brand name wheels in stock already chromed. We offer them in exchange for your non-chromed rims.

Custom Harley Bagger Chrome Plating WheelsShipping Cost

Frankly, shipping costs are usually determined by the weight of the shipmentand how fast you expect your order to be shipped. Normally, we use UPS and have a tracker on the website.

Other Parts and Accessories

We chrome plate just about anything! We can take a look at your motorcycle’s part and see if it is able to take chrome. We also chrome plastic.

Dream about your favorite chromed out design while your money continues to build in your assigned saving account. Expect to spend around the $500 – $15,000 range to chrome the handlebars, custom wheels, exhaust pipes, and other miscellaneous parts. See an accurate list of pricing for chrome Harley wheels.


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Powder Coating on Vehicle

What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a substance, which is electrostatically applied, baked on polymer resin finish that is known to be more durable than paint. What makes this substance unique is that it is resistant to weather, scratches and ultraviolet exposure. As a result, it will not peel, flake or fade and will maintain a like-new condition for many years.

By using our multistep process, which includes a phosphorus pretreatment process, filtered spray booths and a variable temperature industrial oven, consumers will be able to get a finish that is at a professional quality at all times. As well as having resistance to light and weather, powder coating is a very environmentally friendly finish as well.

How Powder Coating Differs from Paint

Powder Coating Motorcycle Rims

When comparing powder coating to paint, you must know that this substance is not paint. The substance known as paint has a colored pigment that is suspended in a solution that is wet and then dries up. Once it dries, the molecules of the substances pigment bond with each other to create a skin of paint that is visible on surfaces.

Powder coating is a substance that is made out of pure powder. Instead of being a wet liquid, it is a substance that can be used as a dry finish. With this substance, the particles that become the finish are very small that are made out of polymer resin. The substance has the same texture as flour.

Since powder coating is a dry substance, it is not able to be painted on surfaces like traditional paint. Instead, powder coating is placed on surfaces with a technique known as electrostatic spray deposition.

The particles of powder coating are very dry just like dust, therefore people who use this substance can easily apply it on surfaces without making a mess and waiting for it to dry over time. When using powder coating, people can use one color to spray over a surface over and over again while recycling it.

What this means is that powder coating can be used multiple times until it is uses up 100% of its capacity in a container.

What Makes Powder Coating a Better Option

For a typical motorcycle enthusiast, there are a number of benefits with powder coating. One of the top benefits of powder coating is that it is more durable than wet paint. It is able to withstand the impact of chips, scratches and ultraviolet light exposure.

In fact, this substance will have the color enhanced with sunlight. Using powder coating is ideal for construction because it maintains its color during all seasons and in varying weather conditions. When looking to apply coloring to vehicles such as motorcycles, powder coating is the ideal option to use.

By powder coating motorcycle rims, those who own a vehicle or motorcycle can quickly and easily enhance the appearance of the wheels. To learn more about powder coating and have any of your questions answered, contact us for a free consultation today.

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Black Chrome Rims on Motorcycle

For many industrial applications and automotive, chrome is now the most popular finish. This is because of the ultra-bright luster, ease of care, and attractive mirror-like look and shine. Moreover, there are many reasons why chrome is used, including resistance to wear and corrosion and durability in harsh conditions. Most people think of chrome as a colorless, highly reflective finish. However, chrome is available in numerous colors for chrome plating applications.

How Chrome is Achieved

Metal finishes use black plating made from oxidized nickel to achieve a particular look. The

There are numerous advantages of using black chrome finish including:

• No need to purchase new parts for existing bright finish.
• Black chrome covers difficult-to-reach areas and parts
• No clear coat required because no discoloration or scratching occurs

Chrome on Wheels and Parts

Black Chrome Plating Parts for Chevrolet

Classic Chrome Plating is currently offering swing arms and black on black chrome, parts, frames, and wheels. Other purchasable parts come with a 40 percent additional charge. They have a benefit of resistance to harsh weather conditions.

This season has seen black chrome motorcycle rims in a higher demand this season. This is because of the deeper shimmer and high polish on regular chrome.

Why Choose Chrome Plating?

Chrome is rugged because there is no oxidation or corrosion. The heavy-duty finishes last forever when they are placed in right conditions. It can look shiny even though it is not lightweight. There are various benefits as to why you should consider chrome plating.

1. Protection from Moisture
When chromium plating hardens, it protects the product from moisture to inhibit rust.

2. Outside look
When black chrome rims plating is used, the finished look is all black. Many car and motorcycle owners like this look.

3. Increased car part size
Sometimes chrome plating helps fix problems when a car part is made smaller that its normal size by giving it an attractive appearance.

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Chrome Plating Rims for Ford Truck

Chrome plating has the reputation of increasing the aesthetics of an object and preventing corrosion. The chrome plating rims process can be dangerous, as different chemicals are used that are toxic. While working in the industry, it is important to use safety precautions so that the work environment will be safe.

Potential Skin Damage

Chrome plating uses an acid bath process. The object is placed in chemicals that include acids to clean the surface. Due to high acid base, there is potential for corrosion of the skin and eye damage as well. Severe burns to the throat and lungs may also occur.

The National Institute of Health has announced the dangers of chromium. This chemical is found on chrome plating and may cause lung cancer.

Look Out For Fire Hazards

The majority of chemicals found in chrome plating are flammable. The oxidizing effects pose a risk for individuals working in the industry. Companies in the industry should educate their employees on the importance of following rules for their safety.

Disposal of Chrome Chemicals is Toxic to the Environment

The plating industry was one of the Environmental Protection Agency’s first regulated industries with a heavy burden of compliance. Once you purchase a chrome plating kit, you are responsible for it. You then have to dispose of the waste, and be sure that if you pay someone to treat, take, or dispose of waste, they dispose of it properly.

The Environmental Protection Agency has strict guidelines that look at emergency procedures and the use of air filtering systems. Companies can damage the environment if the guidelines are not followed, as toxins can enter water wells and other areas. Chrome plating is carcinogenic. It is not safe to make chrome plating at home. Choose a company that has over 50 years of experience with chrome plating rims. You will receive the results that you want.

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Chrome rims have been one of the more sought after car accessories for years now. What makes these car accessories so popular is how they add to the attractiveness and allure of any kind of vehicle. Nothing beats a fresh pair of chrome rims in good shape on a nice ride.

Do You Restore Chrome Rims or Replace?

However, if the chrome rims are severely damaged, they can really make a nice vehicle look bad, or are not even usable. When this happens, some individuals go purchase another set because of how difficult it can be to restore or how expensive and time consuming the whole process can be. The reason why chrome rims are so much tougher to restore than standard rims is because they are plated instead of painted.

Chrome rims are installed on top of the aluminum alloy wheel, most often with a zinc and copper plate in between the two dissimilar metals. Why a zinc and copper plate? Because dissimilar metals corrode when they are in contact with each other, and the zinc and copper plate placed in the middle enables the chrome to adhere to the aluminum instead of corrode.

Chrome Rim Restoration is an Option

If corrosion does occur, chrome rim restoration is a plausible option. There is a 7-step process Classic Chrome Plating takes to ensure a restoration is top-notch. The process includes re-chroming the wheels or parts once it has been repaired.
Hopefully the deterioration isn’t so damaging, and you can send it to our rim repair shop to be welded, repaired, and straightened out by before being electroplated with chrome. We can review the damage to tell you if there’s possible hope for restoration since we specialize in rim repair and re-chroming.

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Where to Get Chrome Rims Dipped?

Chrome rims revolutionize your vehicle or motorcycle into the sporty look you want. Not only do they add to the general durability of your vehicle tires, but also create a classy and attractive look.

What is Chrome Plating?

Chrome is plating made from light skin chromium and fitted on metals to produce a strikingly attractive mirror-like appearance. Chrome can be added to rims of different diameters, ranging from 13 inches to as big as 26 inches. When it comes to color, these rims produce a silver, shiny finish that you can see yourself in. There’s also black chrome and the ability to add any color to rims through candy chrome. The good thing about Chrome rims is the fact that you can customize them to suit your taste.

Care and Maintenance of Chrome Rims

Chrome rims require exceptional care and maintenance. If your rims are plated with dirt, wash them using a sponge lathed with a non-antiseptic soap. Always avoid antiseptic soaps, as the chemicals present in them can damage the attractive luster of chrome. Also, avoid pressurized car washing on your rims. The excessive pressure used by these washing machines can cause irreversible damage to your chrome layer.

Where to Get Your Rims Chrome Plated

At our chrome plating company, we utilize copper, bright, and semi-bright nickel as well as chromium in a 24-step chrome plating procedure. Our team of highly qualified engineers ensure that you get the best chrome application to your rims performs the entire process. Additionally, we specialize in filling and repair, welding as well as restoration services at an extra cost.

All of our jobs are completed in-house. We highly advise our potential clients to be always wary of certain companies, which portray themselves as plating shops but end up sending their projects to 3rd party companies.