Chrome wheels are much more durable than rims made of polished aluminum. Aluminum wheels may look nice at first but require a lot of polishing. Eventually, the aluminum finish may flake and peel. Wheels plated with chrome require little care and won’t corrode or deteriorate in harsh conditions.

Why People Are Attracted to Aluminum Rims

We know that polished aluminum rims look decorative and shiny. That’s why you like them and are trying to decide whether aluminum or chrome plating is the right choice for you. We’ve gathered some facts about aluminum and the difference between this plating and chrome.

Aluminum alloy is lightweight and durable. Even these rims are costly, look great when they are brand new. These stylish rims are often seen on sports cars.

Racecar teams go through dozens of tires everyday. While they need the rims to be durable, they do not need them to look good for more than one day. These shiny, custom wheels only have to impress fans during a quick whirlwind around the track.

In order for a wheel made from an aluminum alloy to keep its shiny finish, however, it has to be polished. Even if you put in the elbow grease and buff these rims regularly, the polish eventually wears off and flakes.

Why Choose Chrome Plating?

Chrome is rugged because there is no corrosion or oxidation. This heavy-duty metal finish can last forever when taken care of properly. While it is not as lightweight as aluminum, it can look just as shiny.

Chrome is not just the stuff wheels are made from, it is also found around the house. You can find chrome on sinks, faucets, and doorknobs. When aluminum shines, it is reflective but it does not give off a complete mirror image like chrome does. Chrome is shiny enough to see yourself in it.

Chrome is more durable than aluminum and takes a step-by-step process to apply. Our chrome plating process uses 24 steps to ensure the maximum quality finish.

Upgrading your current wheel finish to chrome is an investment in the look and quality of your car or motorcycle. Yet, you receive the satisfaction of having a higher quality look while also having peace of mind the shine and finish will last for years to come.

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