The chrome wheel repair process has led to spectacular results. It’s now time to learn how to take care of your renovated chrome wheels, enjoying the impeccable finish for a longer period of time.


After having chrome wheel repair completed, you’ll only have to choose the right cleaning procedure. No other special maintenance is necessary.

A soft paintbrush and a gentle detergent will be sufficient to keep your wheels looking like new. Use the brush to remove the dust and dirt from the surface.

Strong brake dust cleaning substances should be avoided. These are typically used in many car wash facilities because they deliver good results. Still, the chemicals are too aggressive, which could after your repaired chrome wheels.


Petroleum-based car shine products can have a detrimental impact on the rubber that the tires are made of. The chrome wheels are shiny enough on their own but you can still apply a thin layer of product. Be extra-careful with the application and make sure that the substance doesn’t come in contact with the tires.

Finishing Touches

Always dry the chrome wheels after rinsing and cleaning them. Water spots don’t look good and they can easily be removed. Use a soft piece of fabric to wipe the wheels dry and give them a beautiful finish.

If you have extra-stubborn spots and buildup on the chrome wheels, you can use detailing clay to get rid of the contaminants. It’s excellent for bug stains and any other type of contaminant. There are specialized products on the market that have been created especially for wheel detailing – you may consider purchasing such an item.

Get in the habit of washing the wheels every four to eight weeks, especially if you’re driving during the winter on a treated road. Getting rid of contaminants, dust and corrosive substances will enable you to enjoy the beauty of the wheels for a longer period of time.

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