5 Chrome Plating Classic Car Projects

Custom Chrome Plating the Classics

Highly decorative, protective, and with the ability to transform your classic automobile in to a true head turner, chrome plating your rims and other hardware is a project worth doing. If you’re the owner of a classic car, there’s unlimited potential to restore and add style with chrome. Classic Components Inc. is the perfect detailer to reveal the looks that your vehicle deserves. Let’s take a look at three of our recent projects. Who knows, maybe yours could be next?

Ahmad’s 1965 Impala Perfection

When Ahmad rolled in to our shop with his 1965 Impala Perfection, we knew that we absolutely had to take on his project. The Chevrolet Impala is one of those understated classics that is as elegant as it is impressive. Ahmad knew that his almost flawless example had the potential to be even better, and agreeing with him, we added a luxurious layer of chrome to the entire key interior and exterior trim pieces. This sea foam green beauty now shines like it should, and we can’t wait to see what Ahmad brings us next.

1951 Ford Pickup

Pickups are a much-loved fixture on the hotrod scene, but with the earliest models, wear and tear is inevitable. Brian had a classic Ford Pickup in some need of TLC, but here’s the thing, he lives in Hawaii. There are no custom chrome plating shops in Hawaii, so it was lucky that Brian found us, and we were soon working out the logistics of shipping. The result? Chrome plated moldings and emblems to replace the rusted out die cast originals. It’s safe to say that this ’51 Ford is the only one of its kind in the Pacific now.

1966 Chrysler 300

Mike came to us from Vegas with some understandable caution. He’s seen subpar work in the past, especially where shops chose to put profit and speed over workmanship. At CCI we have never done that, and our work speaks for itself. Mike’s Chrysler 300 had a bumper in need of some chrome treatment, and we were happy to help him out. Finishing the bumper in the deep rich shine that only chrome plating can provide, we were happy to find that Mike considered ours some of the best work that he’s ever seen!

Custom Chrome Plating at Classic Components, inc.

Custom chrome plating jobs require the best, and that’s exactly what we pride ourselves on offering. At Classic Components Inc. we detail exterior parts, interior trim, engine components, and of course we’ll take care of chrome plating your custom rims. Talk to us today if you’re ready to bring out the best in your classic car or hot rod.

Contact us at 888-327-4189 for more information about our chrome plating process, prices, or answer any of your questions.

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  1. Eddie Trail says:

    I am considering getting the interior plating for my 1964 T-Bird. There is beginning to show bubbling on my dash and center console pieces. My small electric buttons are also starting to show that pimple. Where are you located?? I live in The Bay Area in Northern California. Any suggestions or advise would be helpful. All exterior chrome is in excellent condition.

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