Every year, a variety of SUVs and cars hit the market. While their styles and types may be different, most new cars come with standard wheels, but many people want to change them to black chrome rims. Currently, black chrome wheels and rims seem to be trending. Black chrome is not a novel look, however, few people know that traditionally, black chrome was not and is not really chrome.

How is Black Chrome Achieved?

To achieve this particular look, metal finishers sell plating made from oxidized nickel. The resulting finish is a darker hue of nickel with yellow or brown shades requiring a clear coat to prevent further oxidation and discoloration.

Classic Chrome Plating is now offering chrome plating in true black. There are various advantages to using black chrome CCP finish.

  • No clear coat required because no scratch or discoloration occurs.
  • Difficult-to-reach parts and areas are easily covered by black chrome CCP.
  • No need to buy new parts for existing bright chrome finish, since partial stripping of black chrome rims and parts is possible with CCP black chrome.

Black Chrome On Parts and Wheels

Classic Chrome Plating is currently offering black chrome on swing arms, frames, parts and wheels. Other parts can be purchased with an additional charge of 40 percent. Enthusiasts of black chrome plating have an option of polished and matte finish. Another benefit includes resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Contact Classic Chrome Plating to Repair Rims

Whether you want black chrome rims or parts, you should consider black chrome CCP plating for your future projects, because they can change the look of your vehicle. Call us toll-free at 888-327-4189, email us at



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