Any number of circumstances could have your vehicle in need of wheel repair. These range from hitting a pothole while driving to buying a car that was already damaged. No matter what the reason for the need of wheel repair, our alloy wheel repair specialists make it easy to help you get back to driving.

Your vehicle is a major investment. When you trust the repairs to just anyone, you may end up with a less than quality chrome wheel repair. With over 75 years of combined experience, our alloy wheel repair specialists use state-of-the-art tools to complete your wheel repair.

We provide an array of rim and wheel repair services, including refinishing, bent rim repair, straightening, aluminum wheel repair, painting, powder coating, cracked repair, mobile services, bent wheels, reconditioning, scratches, scrapes, scruffs, curb damage, repainting and more. Our rim and restoration services can help you restore your auto or motorcycle to its original condition.

Instead of buying a new set of wheels, you can have wheel repair completed and save money.

Your wheels will look as good as new once our alloy wheel repair specialists complete your chrome wheel repair project.

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