Black Chrome Wheels Make Your Motorcycle or Porsche 911 Stand Out on the Road.

Customers are always coming to CCI and asking us to make their car or motorcycle stand out from the crowd or to put Classic Components’ unique touch on their Suzuki Hayabusa or 67’ Corvette. Black chrome motorcycle rims and black chrome wheels for your car or motorcycle are our number one solution these days. Black chrome wheels coated with our black chrome plating shines just as much as traditional chrome plating but they add, color, depth and a complex shine to your bike, car or any vehicle.

Check out Kevin F’s 2007 Porsche 911 with black chrome wheels. Look at how his black chrome rims really play off the light silver paint job. When you’re driving around Newport Beach where there Porsches are at every intersection, Kevin needs something that will make his 911 stand out, while not distracting from his Porsche’s classic luxury sports car design. As you can see, these black chrome wheels really give Kevin’s 911 that extra pop he was looking for.

CCI’s black chrome plating service is real chrome plating, not the nickel plating that was sold as black chrome for years. Just like traditional chrome, our black chrome is durable, scratch resistant and will help preserve your rims, bumpers or other automobile parts .As an added bonus, our black chrome plating service can cover hard to reach areas on intricate or unique parts that are normally tough to chrome plate. You can even strip your chrome plated parts and add new black chrome plating! Please call one our sales representatives to find out more about our black chrome plating and turnaround times.





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