Can CCI’s chrome plate Harley Davidson plastic parts, as well as my custom Harley Bagger rims?

Not only can we chrome your Harley bagger parts, but our plastic chrome plating service is second to none. Chroming plastic parts is a bit more tricky and complex when compared to chrome plating wheels and chrome plating parts made of metal, but with years of experience and a tried and true process, we turn out show quality plastic chrome for Harley baggers, custom Hayabusa parts, Honda Goldwing parts and many other popular motorcycle makes and models.

At CCI we appreciate how riders love to outfit their Harley Davidson bagger with custom bagger parts and custom chrome Harley wheels. In fact, Harley Bagger parts and chrome plating wheels seem to be some of most requested parts and wheels lately. We even carry a line of custom bagger wheels that can be polished or outfitted with chrome plating, black chrome plating or powder coating. Take a look at some photos of our custom Harley Bagger wheels below and give us a call to find out more about our Harley Bagger parts and plastic chrome plating services.






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