Lately we have been talking a lot about all the bike weeks and summer motorcycle shows, but summertime is time for the hot rods too. We have been blessed to have our auto chrome restoration services on so many classic cars and hot rod projects over the years.

Auto parts chrome plating is one part art and all parts experience. Many of these vintage cars need a lot of repairs and finishing before the chrome plating process can even begin. It’s a good thing our team has the experience that only comes from restoring thousands of classic auto parts during our 75 years as the leaders in chrome plating restoration.

Take a look at some of these classic Chevy’s and vintage hot rods in the pics below. For a quote on any auto chrome restoration project please give us a call at 1.888.327.4189 or visit to find out more.

Auto Chrome Restoration

Bumper Chrome Plating

Classic Car Chrome Restoration

Auto Parts Chrome Plating

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