At Classic Components we pride ourselves at being the recognized industry leader for classic car chrome restoration. With thousands of classic car restoration projects to our credit, we rarely come across a restoration project or chrome bumper repair request that our restoration technicians have not encountered in the past. By understanding our client’s needs and then implementing our multi-layer process, we deliver top quality auto chrome restoration.

With so many variables when it comes to make, model and part condition, auto chrome restoration can take time. But, what do you do when a high profile client hands you a pot metal/die cast grill for his 1949 Buick that he needs restored in three days for a car show? Well, you try to talk him out of it, of course, but he challenged us to think outside the box to meet his deadline.

We said, “Challenge. Accepted.”

Chrome plating bumpers and grills that are made of zinc, die cast/pot metal usually requires major solder and repair work to fill all the pits. We then follow the repair work with multiple layers of copper electroplating and sanding, which can be time consuming, but time was not a luxury for completing this project. Instead of stripping and sand blasting the part, we prepped the existing surface and applied our proprietary metalized electroplated coating. Chrome plating car parts can be as much an art as it is a science, so we put our best restoration technicians on the project and we ended up with a classic car chrome restoration that exceeded expectations.

Not only was Classic Components able to turn this from a two-week project into a three-day project, we actually completed it under his budget. Classic Components is the reliable expert for chrome bumper repair and restoration and we provide custom chrome plating services and solutions that cater exactly to the customer’s restoration needs.

Check out the 1949 Buick bumper and grill below. We think he is going to win first place at the show!

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