Chrome plating has been the go-to for plating household fixtures, assorted items and most notably, vehicles in the automotive industry, for years now. Since it doesn’t corrode, oxidize or get damaged by weather easily, it has been ideal since it’s discovery for electroplating.

How is Chrome Plating Ideal?

Chrome is easy to bring to a shine and care for with little effort. This was a great turning point in the automotive industry since they use it for plating almost all exposed plastic parts. In fact, stripping and re-plating a part can be much less costly than buying one brand new. If a part is flawed or damaged, it can easily be refurbished at a lower cost.

Chrome Vs. Other Metallic Finishes

Plating, such as silver, copper and other precious metals are in constant need of upkeep and tarnish easily. Chrome plating, however, does not have these disadvantages and is much cheaper right from the start.

It is because of it’s great durability, bright shine and easy maintenance that make chrome the superior product for that amazing glossy brilliance. If you are looking for a brilliant look that shines and sparkles without all the fuss or expenses, then look no further than chrome. You’ll thank yourself in the end.

It sure beats spending a small fortune on more precious metals that end up serving
the same purpose. Not to mention the initial cost is trivial when compared to your alternatives.
Home and car owners alike have been benefiting from chrome for years and are not likely to quit anytime soon.

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  1. Bandon Gun Works says:

    Winchester Arms used a process in the 70’s on rifle receivers that had low carbon content. We called it black chrome. They copper plated in order to get it to adhere. My question’s are: Have you ever dealt with this and can you. My other question is If you can do the work of plating do you do the prep as well.

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