Many industries have made great use of the custom chrome plating trend, but none more than the automotive industry. Metals used to be the go-to, but they added a lot of weight and cost to the process. Plastics coated with custom chrome plating, however, are much more cost effective and give that brilliant shine as well. This is a great advantage to have cost wise, since you get the flexibility of plastic and the shine and easy cleanup of metal. Since the mid-1970’s, the auto industry has been on the forefront of chrome plating, where heavy metals used to be the norm.

Chrome Plating Household Fixtures

Chrome plating is almost everywhere today. From the faucets and fixtures in the house, to the shiny bits and pieces on our lovely vehicles, chrome is commonplace now. With the added ability to treat plastics with a chromic-acid solution, and then plate them with chrome, you have a huge range of uses here.

Many household items and fixtures are made from chromed plastics. Your towel rack, faucet handles, light fixtures and switches, and the list keeps going on. Companies that specialize in plastic and metal plating can typically plate any item you wish as long as it is the proper material.

Chrome Increases Plastic and Metal’s Durability

Since the chrome increases the durability of either metals or plastics, it is ideal. It will save money on upkeep and on replacement parts or materials. The fact that it is so capable with plastics makes it a dream come true for manufacturers and the folks that pay for it.

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