Chrome wheels look nothing short of fantastic on the right car or motorcycle. These ultra-reflective wheels can add a touch of class to an otherwise ordinary vehicle. If you’re restoring a classic hot rod, chrome wheels are probably high on your agenda.

Preventative Maintenance Reduces Damage to Chrome Wheels

Unfortunately, because chrome wheels look so good and are so reflective, it is painfully obvious when they become damaged, or fall victim to any kind of blemish. Maintaining your chrome wheels means that you’ll have to perform plenty of preventative maintenance, and talk to the experts when a dent, chip, or scratch appears on any of your wheels.

When you first get your set of chrome plated wheels, or you purchase a new car with chrome rims, it will be time to think about caring for your wheels. Chrome wheel repair can be made easier when you’ve taken the time to protect, and clean your chrome wheels regularly.

Basic Chrome Wheel Repair and Upkeep

Cleaning your rims is the most basic care that you’ll need to carry out. Dust, debris, and oil can build up over time, potentially degrading the chrome plate on your wheels. Wash your rims just as you would the bodywork, by using a wash and wax solution and spraying the wheel clean after scrubbing.

Adding a wax coating afterwards, or a specialized chrome protector, can build up a protective layer on the rims. This will make them more reflective, but also less susceptible to scratches or corrosion.

Risks That Can Damage Chrome Wheels

Even with all of this care, there’s still the risk of curbing, buckling in an accident, or other damage that is out of your control. In these cases, it’s best to talk to an expert on chrome rim repair, like the team at Classic Chrome Plating. Using a multistep process, we can reshape, polish, and add new electroplating to damaged chrome wheels.

Our chrome wheel repair service will take care of your rims even in the most extreme cases, enabling you to go on enjoying the beauty of your car or motorcycle.

Talk to us today for repair and restoration, or even new chrome plating services for any project.

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