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Slapping chrome plating on Suzuki Hayabusas and Harley Davidson Bagger rims and parts are two of Classic Components, Inc.’s favorite pastimes, but we also offer custom chrome plating restoration for classic bikes and especially custom bikes. Lately we have had the opportunity to add custom chrome plating to some great bikes and bike parts. The latest was a `68 Honda CB450. Both the side covers and the headlight rings needed chrome plating restoration and you can see in the pic below that they came our great. We would like to give a special thanks to the client Neal S. from Saginaw Michigan for the picture of the bike with our chrome plating job on it. As you can see Neal has already done a great job with bike and the chrome plating just gives it that extra shine. Hey Neal! Are you sure you don’t want to chrome the fenders?

Another great example of custom chrome restoration comes in the form of some Norton Commando bikes we outfitted with chrome plating a couple years ago. Our customer in Colorado spends more than 250 hours on disassembling each bike and rebuilding them from the ground up to create a stunning re-birth of one of the most exciting and rideable British motorcycles ever built. Check out the chrome plating on these bikes, including the gas tank.

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Custom Chrome Plating

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