The Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most popular bikes around the world. It has attracted quite a following.

The fun, sporty ride has kept much of its starting design work, but has also had refinements throughout its time on the market. The performance of its design lends to a cutting edge, agile ride.

Creating a Custom Hayabusa with Chrome

Many bikers enjoy customizing their Hayabusa with chrome. In one of our projects, we create a custom Hayabusa with chrome swingarm and rims. Many of the projects we receive for custom Hayabusa also includes black chrome rims and on other parts.

The Popularity of Black Hayabusa Chrome Wheels

Black chrome is one of the most favorable chrome plating processes with Suzuki Hayabusa owners. We’ve had a lot of requests for Suzuki Hayabusa chrome parts using black chrome plating.

Classic Components’ Custom Black Chrome Wheels Process

One of the reasons we believe it is in such high demand is because the process we offer for black chrome uses a completely different process as compared to the older process used throughout the industry. We’ve revamped the black chrome process to make it truly black chrome with a quality shine that many Hayabusa lovers enjoy on their bikes.

In previous articles, we gave examples of the way the black Hayabusa chrome wheels look on bikes we’ve worked on.

Contact Classic Components for Suzuki Hayabusa Chrome Parts and Wheels Service

If you’re looking for a way to customize your Hayabusa, contact Classic Components for black chrome wheels and chrome plating. Call us at 1.888.327.4189 or send us an email to

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