Want a customized look for your Harley bagger? Classic Components chromes custom bagger parts and rims.

We’ve seen baggers get even more customized as years go. Many of the bikes we’ve worked on have been featured in American Bagger magazine. From wheels to Harley bagger parts, we’ve chromed it all.

Black Chrome Plating for Harley Bagger

Classic Components has a unique black chrome plating process that uses true black chrome as compared to the less than ideal industry standard. The black chrome process that’s used in standard industry applications uses oxidized nickel plating. We’ve changed the process to provide true black chrome plating.

Chrome Plating for a Custom Bagger

We chrome plate custom bagger parts and wheels. Our chrome plating process features show-quality chrome plating for your bike. The finish is applicable for wheels and parts. We also have a quality plastic plating process.

Quality Baggers Featured in the American Bagger Magazine

We were thrilled to take part to custom bagger parts and wheels for a project that received recognition in the American Bagger magazine.

Contact Classic Components to Customize Your Harley Bagger Parts and Wheels

Contact Classic Components for more information about customizing your parts and wheels for your bagger. Whether it’s for black chrome or show-quality chrome, we have the experience and the process to match what you want. Contact Classic Components for black chrome wheels and chrome plating. Call us at 1.888.327.4189 or send us an email to

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