Custom Chrome Plating for Two Yamaha V Max

Custom Chrome Plating for Two Yamaha V Max.

Anyone who loves bikes loves the tough look of the Yamaha V max. We have a lot of requests for chrome plating services on this model .The best part is that customers come up with some creative combinations when it comes to chrome plating this bike and they usually keep a lot of the bike original and let the tough design and clean lines play off of chrome plated rims or gas cans.

Take a look at the black V Max with chrome plating rims, fender brackets and upper scoops. The next two pics of the lime green V max with custom chrome plating on both scoops. At CCI you will see plenty of Hayabusa chrome parts, chrome Harley wheels and GSXR parts, but we have experience chrome plating just about any bike you can imagine and we may even have the part for chrome motorcycle parts exchange. Give us a call today!

Custom Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating Motorcycle Parts

Chrome Plating Motorcycle Parts

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