Do Your Wheels Need Rim Repair?

Your rims are one of the most important parts on any vehicle you own. They are also the part that is exposed to the most harmful conditions on a regular basis. With today’s DOT crews using ever more corrosive and harmful chemicals like brine and salt to maintain our roadways the likelihood of damage to your rims both cosmetic and structural is greatly increased. Couple the corrosion on your rims with a “curb check” and the result can be disastrous.

We Specialize in Chrome Wheel Repair

At Classic Chrome Plating we specialize in chrome wheel repair, as well as the repair of steel rims. If your vehicle has damaged or dull rims, stop in to see us. We can have your rims looking like they did the day they rolled off the line, if not even better. It can be difficult to ascertain whether or not your vehicle needs rim repair, there are a few simple symptoms to look for:

  • When driving at speed, is there vibration?
  • Is there a buildup of brake dust on your rimes?
  • Are there cosmetic flaws on your rims?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you more than likely need to have Classic Chrome Plating take a look at your rims. We offer a full line of repair service, making use of years of experience and state of the art welding techniques to get your rims back in tiptop shape. We also offer cosmetic services, from re-chrome plating rims, to sanding and painting. Classic Chrome Plating will have your rims looking like new in no time at all.

Contact Us for Chrome Plating Rim Repair

Contact us toll-free at 888-327-4189, email us at for more information on powder coating for your vehicle.

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