Before slapping motorcycles with custom chrome plating rims was all the rage, there was auto chrome restoration. For decades this was CCI’s claim to fame. The good news is that it is still our claim to fame. With more than 75 years of experience as an automotive chrome plating service provider, CCI has more experience than anyone when it comes to not only chrome plating, but also restoring classic automobile parts.

Unfortunately, many of the automotive parts that are integral to restoring the classic cars we love came off the line 40, 50, even 60 years ago made with less-than-perfect steel and aluminum metal. Once stripped of their protective coatings, pits, dents and dings are revealed. Those imperfections will be more visible once they are covered in chrome. This is where CCI’s decades of experience in auto chrome restoration becomes invaluable.

CCI’s has a tried and true process for restoring and repairing classic automotive parts before the chrome plating process even begins. This will involve repairing the bent or damaged part, followed by sanding and polishing by technicians with years of experience. Then the part is copper plated to fill in the imperfections of the metal. Once the part is truly restored, then and only then, will the chrome plating processbegin. This ensures that the exceptional chrome plating finish CCI is known for is the end result every time. Check out the pictures of our customer’s `1956 F100 truck below. This is a great example of CCI’s chrome bumper repair and classic car chrome restoration.

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  1. Scott jones says:

    hello, I have 1964 chevelle 300 2 door wagon and need rear window stainless trim restored. Can you help with that??

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