One of the more common auto transformations is to have the wheels changed from stock to chrome plating. This process involves applying chrome over an aluminum alloy wheel. Seeing as chrome will not stick to aluminum by itself and different metals often corrode when they make contact with other materials, it has been discovered that the use of nickel and copper plate will allow the chrome to stick to and stay in place with aluminum and not get corroded.

Why Do Chrome Rims Deteriorate?

When driving a vehicle at a high speed, gravel often hits the wheels, thereby altering its function. Over time, abrasions develop on the chrome surface and the wheel depletes. As such, it is important to make necessary repairs and replacements for chrome plating rims.

Curb Damage will also Break the Chrome Seal

Another factor to recognize is that the movement of a tire on the rim deteriorates over time as the beads of the rim begin to wear down. When the rim begins to deteriorate, you will first see the finish fading. The fading of the rims’ surface is also caused by salt from the road that gets trapped under the plate of the wheel. Consequently, the salt will begin to eat at the alloy if it is not washed on a regular basis.

Repairing Chrome Rims is Possible

If you can detect this problem early on, you can get this resolved by choosing Classic Chrome Plating to fix the rim. The repair shop will fix this problem by smoothing out any damage with out equipment and expert technicians.

If the chrome deterioration is more severe, we would need to possibly re-chrome the wheels. Since chrome is applied with a plating process, the old plate will need to be removed along with the surface being smoothed out. After the wheels of the car are stripped and polished along with being re-plated with copper, nickel and chrome, they will regain their original appearance.


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