With Christmas fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about gifts for the motoring enthusiasts in your life. For motorcycle riders it can be especially difficult to find a gift that is both meaningful and personal, especially if you’re not a rider yourself.

With Classic Components you have the perfect option. Why not give the gift of chrome?

Mark Any Occasion with Chrome Gift Certificates

Because with Classic Components, you can give the gift of chrome without having to choose specific chrome parts, your friends and loved ones will have the freedom to decide on exactly the kind of chrome plating work they want to have done.

Chrome plating can add head turning detail to any motorcycle, and it’s something that any serious rider or collector would appreciate.

Gift certificates from Classic Components are unique because you can choose exactly how much you want to give. Certificates start from $50, but you can go anywhere you want from that figure. Whether you want to contribute towards a chrome plating service, or completely cover a new set of chrome wheels, the choice is yours.

Gift Certificates Can Be Used for the Chrome Motorcycle Wheel Exchange Program

Classic Components is an industry leader in chrome plating, and we also offer some of the most competitive services.

With cost effectiveness in mind, we’ve introduced a chrome motorcycle rim exchange program for the most popular motorcycle wheels. Our clients can bring in their standard rims in excellent condition, and exchange them for show quality chrome finished rims, paying a discounted price for the exchange.

A gift certificate could be used for wheels ranging from sport touring Goldwing rims, all the way up to a set of Harley Tri-Glide custom chrome plated rims. Classic Components Inc. holds over 300 chrome plated wheels in stock, ready to be purchased outright or exchanged as part of the program.

The Gift That Won’t Be Forgotten

A Classic Components gift certificate is both personal and customizable. Valid towards a range of products and service from an industry leader in chrome plating, your real gift is one that will be treasured for many years after the certificate has been redeemed.

Contact Classic Components for Gift Certificates

Contact Classic Components to have your rims restored to their original performance and shine. Call us toll-free at 888-327-4189, email us at, and find our gift certificates here:​cates-2.

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