Happy Customers Southern California and Beyond

Mini Cooper chrome wheels and partsYou may have noticed on our website the wide variety of customer testimonials that we receive for our chrome plating services – check out our blog. Of course we do a lot of business in Southern California, our home base and a center of custom automotive interest for many decades, but we actually cater to a nationwide clientele – customers who recognize through word of mouth that we produce outstanding quality in a variety of finishes for automotive and motorcycle applications, and that we are easy to work with regardless of the customer’s location. We literally do business coast to coast: California to Pennsylvania and everything in between.

1951 Ford PickupWe provide chrome plating for many different applications, from automotive and motorcycle wheels, individual parts and restoration of parts from full chassis to small components. Processes include bright chrome, black chrome plating, powder coating and Candy Chrome plating.

Give us a call. We will provide you the best quality on your chrome plating job, whether you are in Orange County or Pennsylvania or Hawaii. Just ask our customers.

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