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Haybusas Get That Extra Boost with Black Chrome Rims

No sportbike is customized more than the Suzuki Hayabusa, and from chrome plating rims, and chrome plating swing arms to even plating the smallest chrome Hayabusa parts, no one knows more about chrome plating this strong ox of a sportbike than Classic Components. We have spearheaded entire custom chrome plating jobs, including extended swing arms and custom rims and teamed with some of the top powder coaters to create some crowd stopping Hayabusas.

While it is always been popular with the sport bike crowd, it seems that black chrome is back in favor with Busa riders. This holiday season we have had a ton of requests for black chrome plating on Hayabusa parts and custom Hayabusa rims.

What is causing this sudden spike in requests for black chrome rims and black chrome plating services? We’re not too sure. But, we like to think it is our newest process, which improved on an old, inferior process that was often sold throughout the industry as black chrome, but required a clear coat to protect the finish from scratching. Technology has given Classic Components the ability to offer true black chrome that has that show quality chrome plating shine with a dark metal look that will turn even the most jaded rider’s head. Take a look at few of the Hayabusa bikes CCI has decorated with black chrome.

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  1. Anthony OCarroll says:

    Hi, Im interested in the asking price for a pair of chrome black wheels for my 2006 suzuki gsxr 750. Any info will be appreciated. Thank you.

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