History of the Harley Sportbike

The Harley Sportbike is one of the manufacturer’s more popular line of motorcycles. Since 1952, the company has worked to expand this line of vehicles. This started when they were rolling out the line that included the K, KK, KH and the KHK. While some variances in fenders, frames and gas tanks have occurred over the years, the Sportsbike hasn’t ever really experienced a major overhaul.

History Behind the Harley Sportbike

After the 1952 design, it wouldn’t be until 1957 that the first change would happen. This year an overhead valve engine replaced the original engine. This allowed for more power and the design would suffice until 1972 when the 1,000cc alternative would come along to replace it. The next change would then occur in 1975 when the line would be required to add a left side gear change under the Department of Transportation requirements.

11 years would pass and the next major change would be the evolution engine that would provide the bike with more power. This would again change in 1988 along with a velocity carburetor that replaced the old butterfly model.

The early 1990s would see an endless slew of changes come. In 1991, a five-speed transmission is introduced along with belt drive replacements slowly rolling out until all models are covered by the new belt drive. Then in 1994, the oil tank, batter tray, clutch and an improved electrical system all become standard on the Sportster.

Another decade would pass without major changes. Then in 2004, a new frame that offers a rubber-mounted engine is introduced. There is an exhaust balance pipe that runs from the air filter that is now hidden and the battery is covered. In 2007, the fuel injection becomes the standard and removes the carburetion on bikes.

The most recent changes are in 2014 when electrical harnesses, antilock brakes, keyless entry and an improved speedometer are added to the mix.

Chrome Wheels for Your Harley

As you can see from the history of the Harley Sportbike, is that the brand does the job right the first time. Aside from some minor tweaking, these are the most dependable models on the road. But to accent their beauty, chrome plating wheels can be added.

These chrome Harley wheels are installed quickly by a professional and add to the beauty and value of your Harley. That makes them a smart choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bike.

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