Chrome-plated wheels have a level of sleekness that gives them the power to turn ordinary into hotrod. However, you should know that they require constant care in order to maintain their finish and quality.

Wash Your Chrome Plating Wheels Weekly
The main action that needs to be taken is the weekly washing of the wheels with water and a mild soap. This will keep acidic pollutants and abrasive dust particles from damaging the chrome finish. Your choice of soap, though, must be prudent, because ammonia-based and highly acidic cleaning solutions will do more damage to your wheels than the outdoor elements do. Observing how hot the wheels are is another precaution that you should take before cleaning, because high heat cleaning will cause soap spotting; since friction from braking results in a lot of heat, you should wait at least 30 minutes after driving to allow brake related heat.

Special Conditions for Washing Wheels
In some cases, it is imperative that you wash the wheels more often than usual. For instance, if you live near an ocean or sea, the air will be much higher in salt content—salt is one of the most degrading elements that chrome-plated wheels come into contact with, because it creates a pocking effect that will make the wheels raggedy—so you should take care to wash your wheels at least twice per week. Also, you should try not to drive in the snow with chrome-plated wheels, because snowy streets are usually laden with salt, but if you must, be certain to wash the wheels as soon as they are cool enough to be cleaned. Most warranties do not protect against salt pocking, so removing salt ASAP should be a priority if your wheels are constantly exposed to salty conditions.

Wax and Polish Your Chrome Plating Wheels
When you are finished cleaning the chrome plating wheels, you should wax the surface to protect against contaminants that might stick to the wheel.

Chrome-plated wheels should be thoroughly polished and cleaned periodically to maintain a fine luster; if you do not polish them frequently enough, you will have to exude more effort to bring them back to the original finish. Like soap and water washing, how often you need to polish your wheels will depend upon the local conditions of where the car is located.

If you are considering chrome plating motorcycle wheels or chrome plating wheels for some other sort of vehicle, you should contact the chrome wheel plating service nearest to you to ensure the best possible quality and durability for your chrome-plated wheels.

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