Customizing your motorcycles will bring them to a higher level when it comes to appearance and style. One example is the custom Hayabusa from Suzuki. It has attracted many bike riders. The attention opened opportunities for customizations to improve its design and performance on the road.

It uses Suzuki Hayabusa chrome parts, customized to give the bike a unique look. For your custom Suzuki Hayabusa, chrome parts are the most commonly used materials since they are easy to work with.

Here are some ways that can give your Hayabusa a custom chrome look:

  1. Add customized chrome speakers.

You can use speakers and audio controllers on your Hayabusa, whether you place them at the front or rear part of your bike.

  1. Customize your bike’s bodywork.

There are several available chrome parts available to enhance the bodywork of your motorcycle. You can use Chrome instrument panel accent and wind deflectors. There are also key accents, mirror trims, and license plate trims.

  1. Add custom Chrome caps and covers.

There are a lot of customized chrome parts used for bike coverings. You can add knob and belt covers. There are also available covers for cables, pedals, battery, and brake calipers.

  1. Make a customized foot control.

Give your bike a custom look using chrome floorboard risers.

  1. Add custom chrome swing arms and frames.

You can use chrome kickstand additions. We chrome any that are metal.

  1. Add customized motorcycle mirrors.

Give your bike that unique look by using custom chrome mirrors and mirror handles.

  1. Add a stylish seat.

When customizing bikes, one of the most considered chrome part to customize is the seats. You can use chrome armrests and backrests, both for the driver and the back rider.

  1. Add a windshield with chrome trim.

A windshield with chrome trim and touches will give your Hayabusa that strong impression.

  1. Add custom Hayabusa black chrome wheels.

For Suzuki Hayabusa owners, black chrome plating is the most preferred customization for this kind of bike. Usually, it used to plate the bike’s wheels to provide a stylish and unique look. Chrome is also used in customizing and restoring wheel rims.

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With customized Suzuki Hayabusa chrome parts, you will not only improve your motorcycle’s look, the unique design also leads to a cutting-edge ride. Contact Classic Components at 888-327-4189 or email us at

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