Classic Chrome Plating stocks over 300 sets of chrome wheels, including Harley. CCP has different makes of chrome Harley wheels, which are part of the 300 tires. Do not hesitate to call, as it is likely that we will have your tires in stock.

Two Methods of Chrome Wheels Exchange

There are two methods of participating in the chrome wheels exchange. The first one involves calling and making a core deposit. We ship your wheels that day. In addition, the core deposit will be refunded once we receive your set of tires in good condition.


The second option involves sending your set of tires to us first, which involves no deposit. However, be sure to request exchange service on the order form. Once this is done, the chrome set will be shipped to you the next business day. Please note that CCP will only exchange wheels if requested to do so by the customer. It takes generally one to three business days for standard chrome plating, depending on the time of the year.


Wheel exchange service will cost an additional $50. We can remove bearings for the price of $15 for each wheel. Keep in mind that they can only accept the same model or year that have never been chrome plated and are damage-free. This helps all customers receive high-quality services and products. All bearings and seals must be removed. We must receive cores within 20 business days of invoice.

Contact Classic Chrome Plating for Chrome Harley Wheels Exchange

Contact Classic Chrome Plating at 888-327-4189 or email us at to tell us which Harley wheels you want to exchange for chrome plated ones.

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