Q: How can a motorist determine that his or her rims are bent?

A: A reduction in the air pressure of your tires and a dent on the outer edge of a rim indicate damage. Minus a rim being deeply bent, your car is not likely to lose control. Any bent wheel repair service can spot a damaged rim by using a balance machine, checking for car vibration and conducting an inspection. They will make sure that everything is balanced and that your wheels are not wobbling.

Q: Do bent wheels cause vibration?

A: The extent to which your rims are bent and how fast you are driving will determine how much vibration you have. Although a bend can throw your wheels off balance, you might not experience vibration if the bend is minor and you are not driving fast.

If the steering wheel vibrates, take a test spin at a speed less than 20 mph. If you feel no vibration, start driving 30 to 40 mph. If this produces unusual vibrations, you should seek bent wheel repair service.

Although your car will not likely pull to one particular side simply because one of your rims is bent, the impact your car endures may lead to your wheels being misaligned, causing a pulling.

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