For those who like to collect automotive collectibles, the most desirable pieces are the hood ornaments and emblems, particularly if they are made of chrome. With just a bit of care and some knowledge of classic cars, the chrome ornaments and pieces can become a valuable part of your auto chrome restoration collection.

Types of Chrome Collectibles

There are many types of collectible chrome accessories. Known as “brightwork,” these collectibles can include hood ornaments, emblems, hubcaps, and chrome trim. These are the items that collectors are looking for in their search.

Basic Cleaning and Polishing

If the chrome surface does not have extensive damage, including scratches or pits, a gentle polishing with a terry cloth towel might be all that is required. Using the terry cloth towel is a basic way to remove any fingerprints and dust that may have collected. It is important to make sure the towel is clean or it may scratch the chrome surface of your classic car chrome restoration.

Anyone who has frequented a flea market or junkyard auction knows that many of the treasures are usually covered with grime and dirt from years of neglect. Those familiar with any auto chrome restoration know that the key to a proper restoration is patience.

Remove any loose dirt with a soft cloth or a dry brush. Using a smaller brush, like an old toothbrush, loosen and work any dirt out of the details on the chrome. Be sure to use as little water as possible. It is better to dip the brush into the water instead of the entire object, making sure to dry the surface as you go.

After the dirt has been removed, be sure to inspect the surface of the classic car chrome restoration for any pits and bubbles. It is possible that bubbled chrome plating will flake off if the surface is polished. There are times when it is better to stop the restoration rather than risk damaging the object by continuing with polishing or restoring. This is particularly true with very old and valuable pieces of auto chrome restoration.

Rust and Corrosion

A very common method to clean rust from a chrome surface during a class car chrome restoration is to use very fine steel wool. This can be time-consuming work and often requires a soft touch in order to avoid damaging the chrome-plated steel.

Restoration and Replating

There are times when cleaning and polishing do not produce the desired results. If this takes place, replating is an option that should be considered. Be sure to choose a professional replating shop, particularly with vintage pieces. Pieces can be damaged if the work done on the piece is below standard.

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