What do you do when those old rims take away from the vibrant colors and finish of your new custom paint job? You need chrome plated motorcycle wheels, and you need them quickly. Classic Components, Inc. can get you show quality chrome plated rims in as little as a few days with our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program.

Our customer, Maria C. from Tarmac, Fla., just did not have the heart to let her Honda VTX1800F hit the streets with a brand new powder coated gas tank and fenders with the factory alloy rims, so she called us and we had the VTX rims in stock and were able ship top-notch chrome plated rims out to Marie C. that day.

At Classic Components we go to extensive lengths to offer a one- to three-week turnaround time for our chrome motorcycle rim services, but if you need your show quality rims yesterday then take advantage of our chrome motorcycle wheel exchange program and we can ship today.

How does it work? Essentially, you will be exchanging your undamaged, bearing-free wheels for the same make and model wheels with Classic Component’s custom chrome plating. The best part: Your bike won’t be without rims for a single day! Classic Components will get a deposit for your core rims on a credit card, plus with the price of rims with show quality chrome plating and ship those chrome plated rims that day. Just send us back your good condition, bearing and seal-free core rims once you receive your chrome plated rims and we will refund your core deposit.

Why wait for your custom chrome plating? Classic Components keeps more than 300 sets of chrome motorcycle wheels in stock. Give us a call to see if we have your sportbike, Harley Davidson or metric cruiser wheels in stock. Maria was kind enough to take some before and after pictures of here Honda VTX1800F. Combined with the new paint job, the chrome rims add a completely customized look, but maintains the stock features. Take a look at the before and after pictures below and give Classic Components a call today.





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  1. Desmond richardson says:

    I live in the carribbean I have a2003honda vtx1800rwith the stock rims want to buy some chrome rims just like the stock can I buy the stock chrome rims and hold my original rims due to the cost of shipping outside the USA .

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