Powder Coating a Classic Components Specialty

Powder coated motorcycle wheelsEach type of finish for automotive and motorcycle components has its ideal purpose and advantages. Metallic electroplated (chrome plating) finishes provide a hard, durable surface and a variety of color and ultimate reflectivity options. Powder coating offers a huge variety of color choices. Level of gloss can also be varied by the process, and multiple coats with specific characteristics can be applied to achieve spectacular results. Our custom powder coating capabilities offer nearly infinite visual possibilities, along with protective attributes – see our Candy Chrome process.

Candy chrome automotive wheelPowder coating is a dry, electrostatic finishing process that takes advantage of polarity attraction of a positive charge on the powder particles and a negative charge on the work piece. An electrostatic gun applies a negative charge to the particles, causing them to be attracted to the grounded work piece. Coverage is even, reducing the incidence of “runs” as is common with paints using a liquid solvent carrier. Once the desired coverage is achieved, the work piece is placed in an oven where it is heated to approximately degrees C for about 30 minutes. The powder is a “thermoset” type of polymer, and the heat curing process changes its molecular structure so that it cannot be subsequently softened by heat, making the process extremely suitable for automotive and motorcycle parts that are frequently subject to heat.

Power coated automotive chassisSince the process requires no solvents based on volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it offers environmentally advantages over conventional paint finishes. Excess powder, or overspray, is retrieved through air flow systems and can be reused. And since solvents are not required for preparation or cleanup, the environmental benefits of powder coating are clear.

Like chrome plating, the result of power coating depends on the preparation of the surface to be coated. For powder coating, the process includes sandblasting with a fine grit and touch up by hand. Classic Components excels at this phase, ensuring that we always achieve the best powder coated finish, whether the application is powder coated rims, automotive suspension parts, or motorcycle parts.

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