The Harley Street Glide is a popular and innovative ride with the finest of upgraded technology to vouch for it. Bikers from all over the world like the new focus of style and comfort on this touring bike. This motorcycle can have sweet chrome plating added to it to make it shine. It is as ergonomically correct as a Lazy-Boy.

The Ease of Riding a Harley Glide

Comfort on long journeys is one of the priorities of the newly released Harley Glide. The current make of this touring bike was released at the beginning of 2009.

Another priority is the greater fuel efficiency of the Harley Glide, which makes longer trips possible with far less cost.

The combination of air-cooled V-twin engine, belt final drive, and six-speed transmission makes for an efficient ride as well.

This motorcycle operates with much less maintenance than before while the rider has the benefit of more power pushing the bike’s performance.

Chrome Plating Adds Style

There are additional amenities that are making this motorcycle even more popular. Extra storage space, cruise control, and a whopping six-gallon gas tank facilitate lengthier travel plans and less fuel stops.

The chrome plated good looks attract plenty of attention while cruising down the highways and byways.

For those riders who just can’t wait to get on the road again, the new make of the Harley Street Glide answers all requirements for style and easy riding.

This ergonomically correct upgraded model of motorcycle is engineered to provide a great alternative to older model Harleys. The features are distinctively Harley Davidson.

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