When it comes to great motorcycle restorations it is hard to beat some of the customers building bikes in our own backyard, Orange County and the rest of Southern California. CCI has been the leader in custom chrome plating in Orange County and Southern California for decades. Whether it is motorcycle chrome plating services or auto chrome restoration in Southern California, CCI has built a reputation on delivering show quality chrome plating to this region’s demanding and knowledgeable customers.

Take look at this Southern California customer’s `80s Harley Sportster. You got to love Andrew U’s vision for this bike. After having his parts damaged by another chrome plater, Andrew turned to us to repair and rechrome the primary cover, engine cases and exhaust pipes on this beauty that is truly a Southern California original. One of my favorite things about this bike are the tires. Look how tough they look. While CCI is nationally recognized as one of the top chrome plating companies in the industry we are also the go-to chrome plating restoration specialists for the Orange County, Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California.

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3 Responses to Southern California Chrome Plating Restoration at its Finest

  1. chris wilczek says:

    hi , i wanted to get my frame,fork,handlebars on a 20″ black chromed with a brilliant finish. can you guys do that for me? if so ,what would be the price? thank you in advance. chris

  2. Gary Tufto says:

    Can you please provide me with Ballpark pricing to chrome the following items for a 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix:
    1. Front Bumper (1)
    2. Rear Bumper ( 3 inch long indent needs to be removed) (1)
    3. Tail light housing (3 pieces)
    4. Dual Head light Bezels (2)
    5. Dual Head light Frames (2)
    6. Front grill (2 pieces)
    7. Exterior Rocker Panels below doors (2)
    8. Wheel well trim (4)
    9. Center hub caps 8 Lug wheels – small (4)
    10. Fender mounted remote mirrors (6 pieces)
    11. Interior trim for bucket seats (6 pieces)
    12. Dash (1)
    13. Dash clock/ air vent insert (1)
    14. Rear view mirror mount bracket (1)
    15. Sun visor mount brackets (4 pieces)
    16. Interior door molding (6 pieces)
    17. Wind wing housing (2)
    18. Wind wing glass trim (4 pieces)
    19. Interior Windshield trim (4 pieces)
    20. Interior rear window trim (4 pieces)
    21. Interior above door trim (6 pieces)
    22. Front Door Window “L” trim (2)
    23. Front Door Window lower housing (2)
    24. Rear ¼ window glass trim (4 pieces)
    25. Rear ¼ window lower housing (2)

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