The 2 Different Types of Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating on Ford Truck – Classic Car

Chrome plating refers to the process of using electrochemical attraction to apply a layer of metal to the surface of another metal, all in an immersion bath and is only practical on steel or metallic components. Chrome is applied as a final coat since nickel is mostly used in the actual plating.

Chrome plating typically goes through these stages:

  1. Manual cleaning to remove all traces of dirt, grease and surface impurities. The entire process starts with polishing and buffing. De-plating must be done if the parts had been plated before just to remove the old plating.
  2. Using powerful lathes and other tools to polish the part to a high sheen. The parts are then baked to remove any “hydrogen embrittlement” which may have been generated in plating.
  3. A masking tape is used and cut precisely in areas which require to remain exposed. The area to be painted is blasted, frosting the chrome surface to increase paint adhesion.
  4. Edges are trimmed accurately with a knife.

Types of Chrome Plating

Chrome Plating On Car Shops

There are two different types of chrome plating:

1. Decorative chrome – Which normally involves plating nickel before the chrome is plated. It is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and durable at the same time. The chrome usually adds a bluish cast which protects it against tarnish at the same time minimizing scratching. Thickness range in millionths of an inch rather than thousandths.

2. Hard chrome plating – Also known as functional chrome plating or engineering chrome plating. It is usually applied to items that are made of steel. It is not necessarily decorative but of a metallic appearance that can be shiny.

Definition of Related Chrome Plating Terms

There is no difference between chrome plating, chrome electroplating, chrome dipping or chroming as all imply to the same thing. Chrome plating shops only use electroplating to create the chrome coating and they never just dip the material into molten chrome plating compounds.

As discussed above is only the basics of chrome plating which is usually a broad topic of study, for more information do contact our law firm immediately to get further assistance.

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  1. It’s good to know that hard chrome plating is more functional than other kinds of chrome plating. I think it’s important to know this if you plan on protecting some of you metal products from wear and rust more effectively. Otherwise, you may end up getting a chrome plating job that won’t last as long as you would hope for it to.

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