Powder coating is a popular way of coating different metals. Dry powder is applied through electrostatics and then placed under the heat so that it flows and sticks on the metals. Classic Components offers powder coating automotive services to customize your auto or motorcycle.

Why Most Prefer Chrome Powder Coat Wheels

Most car owners prefer this method because there is much less sagging or running compared to using liquid. Moreover, there’s barely any difference from when you use a horizontal or vertical stroke when coating.

You might wonder if wheels can be powder coated as well, and the answer is yes. There are chrome powder coat wheels available for purchase or as a service for the wheel that you already have. Classic Components can add powder coating to all kinds of wheels.

Before, chrome coated wheels may have undergone a bit of sandblasting before powder coating. Now, Classic Components offers powder coating automotive services to give your car customization.

Different Colors Available

The most attractive thing with powder coating is that you can create color combinations. Different powder colors can be applied on your car from orange to blue. We offer different powder colors to match what you desire.

If you’re aiming to make your car stand out and be different from the rest, then powder coating automotive services are what you need.

Almost all automotive owners take great pride and care of their vehicles. They make sure it’s in tiptop shape and looks great. Every simple scratch or dent is almost always taken care of right away. That’s why automobiles are perfect avenues to show your personality and be creative.

Most people aim to make their cars standout not only for attention and to match them but also as a form of security measure. If your car looks different, it’s less prone to being stolen because it won’t blend in easily with the crowd.

Nothing screams, “ this car is mine,” than when it has a unique color or look. While most cars already come in different colors, powder coating offers different kinds of finishes that might suit your personality better.

Contact Classic Components for Powder Coating Automotive Services

With the number of possible finishes, colors, and even color combinations available, the possibilities are endless. Contact Classic Components at 888-327-4189 or email us at

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