The Powder Coating Urban Legend


There is an existing urban legend that powder coating motorcycle rims, or candy chrome rims, can do damage to the wheels. One main reason this is an urban legend is that this is in direct opposition to the truth. Powder coating actually is the best way to get the job done, and should be a preferred method to painting or other techniques to apply different colors to wheels.

A Safe Process

The temperatures used in powder coating rarely are in excess of 425 degrees. This is important because the material in question is aluminum or steel. Metal alloys are put through 1800+ degrees in production, which is considerably warmer than 425 degrees, the temperature most people think warp rims.

Along with the heat of powder coating being a non-factor, there is also the aluminum treatment process, which adds a safeguard as well as protection. The chemical bath and coating treatment will illuminate any cracks before getting to the coating step.

Powder Coating is Environmentally Friendlyimg_4

Because of the application process, there is no waste involved with powder coating. The aforementioned “liquid” coatings are a considerably less eco-friendly method. The ease of that application process is also another advantage of powder coating. Being a more forgiving application process, a minor application mistake can be simply rectified.





Powder Coating is Durable


Durability is yet another benefit and factor to consider when applying color, across the industry powder coating is simply considered a more durable finish. If this wasn’t enough to tip the scales, powder coating is also cost effective. The previously mentioned benefit of having no waste equates to savings, just as an example.

A smarter, better and cost effective way to get the look you want is powder coating, unless you believe in urban legends.

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